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  • Tennis

    Tennis and Tennis Bracelets with Diamonds

    Initially known as the Eternity bracelet, this jewel has now become a must that should never be missing from a woman's wrist. Made from a row of Diamonds mounted on continuous gold settings, linked to each other to create a continuous line of light.

    You may be wondering why we changed from Eternity bracelets to Tennis Bracelets...The current name has been in use since 1987 when the famous American tennis player Chris Evert lost on the court during a match of the Tennis Open live on TV, after a serve , his diamond bracelet, I stop everyone trying to find the diamond bracelet, all live on television... this is the exact moment of the birth of the diamond tennis bracelet.

    Our offer offers tennis diamond bracelets of various carats and qualities, from various companies or mounted by master goldsmiths and also with colorless diamonds, with colored diamonds, with black diamonds, with sapphires, with rubies or emeralds.

    Tennis bracelets with diamonds from the best brands:

    Salvini - Crieri - Giorgio Visconti - Bliss - Chimento - Bibigì

    In addition to the most precious jewels, we also offer silver tennis bracelets with less important stones or Swarovski bracelets with crystals.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 791 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 791 items