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Tennis and Tennis Bracelets with Diamonds

Initially known as the Eternity bracelet, this jewel has now become a must that should never be missing from a woman's wrist. Made from a row of Diamonds mounted on continuous gold settings, linked to each other to create a continuous line of light.

You may be wondering why we changed from Eternity bracelets to Tennis Bracelets...The current name has been in use since 1987 when the famous American tennis player Chris Evert lost on the court during a match of the Tennis Open live on TV, after a serve , his diamond bracelet, I stop everyone trying to find the diamond bracelet, all live on television... this is the exact moment of the birth of the diamond tennis bracelet.

Our offer offers tennis diamond bracelets of various carats and qualities, from various companies or mounted by master goldsmiths and also with colorless diamonds, with colored diamonds, with black diamonds, with sapphires, with rubies or emeralds.

Tennis bracelets with diamonds from the best brands:

Salvini - Crieri - Giorgio Visconti - Bliss - Chimento - Bibigì

In addition to the most precious jewels, we also offer silver tennis bracelets with less important stones or Swarovski bracelets with crystals.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 74 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 74 items

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets: the history

The first name given to this precious one was eternity bracelet due to the characteristic row of precious stones which, thanks to a particular hidden closure, gives the impression that there is neither a beginning nor an end. It thus became the symbol of eternal love, a thought made to celebrate an important feeling. Only in 1987 did it acquire the definitive name of tennis bracelet. That year, during an Open tennis match, the American athlete Chris Evert took off the necklace designed by the Egyptian creator George Bedeu from her wrist and it fell to the ground and got lost. It was at that moment that the tennis player asked, on live TV, to interrupt the match to retrieve her bracelet on the court, generating astonishment among the public and staff. That scene became the symbol of the tennis bracelet, giving the world a sort of advertising spot, an image fixed in the memory that has survived from the 1980s to today. A little later, during the press conference, it was Chris Evert who explained the importance that jewel had for her and the reason why she preferred to request the interruption of the game to recover it. That episode highlighted another fundamental aspect: the minimal elegance of the tennis bracelet. In fact, those who practice sports never wear elaborate, showy or dangling accessories. On the contrary, the practicality of that bracelet, combined with its sophisticated design and the possibility of wearing it on any occasion, made it even more famous and desired by women all over the world. For this reason, moreover, it is considered the jewel par excellence, suitable for any moment of the day, style, age and outfit: it can be combined with the most elegant looks as well as casual clothing, giving anyone who desires it a delicate touch of elegance.

What characteristics should a women's and men's tennis bracelet have?

Among the characteristics that distinguish the tennis bracelet there is undoubtedly its minimal design. It consists of a row of precious stones or diamonds, all of the same size, placed next to each other, set in a thin and discreet setting. In the same way, the closure of this necklace is also quite characteristic, it remains hidden and disappears once it is closed on the wrist: a true infinite circle that gives a sophisticated never-end effect to the stones.
Another peculiarity of the tennis bracelet is the possibility of customizing it with stones and diamonds of different colours, sizes and shapes. In the best jewelery shops, such as Ciccimarra Gioielli, it is possible to find elements in white gold and diamonds from the Salvini brand, or enriched with delicate green emeralds or in the white gold and black diamonds version from Crieri. Those who love flashier but less important jewels may prefer the Millenia by Swarovski, made with stones in an elegant shade of green. Even Salvini's more minimal and luminous version made with baguette-cut diamonds has great charm. By visiting the catalog you can also choose the romantic tennis bracelet by Bronzallure, decorated with red heart-shaped zircons and a rose gold-plated clasp, and the model proposed by Crieri with blue sapphires. The cost of women's tennis bracelets can vary based on the size of the stones, the type, purity and color but also on the material with which the settings are made and the brand. Ciccimarra Gioieli also offers different carats on its ciccimarrashop website, ranging from 0.50 to 5 carats, to meet the needs of all customers.

Meaning: on what occasions should women's tennis bracelets be given as gifts?

When we talk about tennis bracelets and their undoubted charm, we might wonder what are the best occasions to donate one. To answer this question it is necessary to start from the meaning that this jewel has. As mentioned above, tennis courts are considered symbols of eternal love and therefore ideal gifts for occasions such as anniversaries and engagements.
Not only that, bracelets of this type are also linked to the idea of luxury and elegance. In the past, the stones used to create women's tennis bracelets were strictly diamonds while the settings were created in white gold. It is therefore a jewel that has entered the common imagination as eternal and iconic, resistant to fashion and time, something capable of maintaining its beauty. Therefore, these bracelets are perfect gifts for girls who come of age, to celebrate graduations and birthdays or professional goals. Generally speaking, if you are looking for a tennis bracelet to give to a loved one, the suggestion is to move towards quality products, made with excellent raw materials that allow the jewel to maintain its beauty over time. The choice of model could instead fall on tennis courts in white gold and diamonds, for lovers of simplicity, or on tennis courts with ruby or tennis courts with emeralds for the more eccentric women who love sophistication. The extensive Ciccimarra Gioielli catalog includes an assortment of women's tennis bracelets designed to satisfy any need.

The most important tennis bracelets

Online and in jewelery stores it is also possible to find various models of tennis bracelets more affordable for everyone made by prestigious brands. Among the most important it is possible to mention those of Swarovski. The Austrian company creates jewels with a unique charm using excellent raw materials. What distinguishes these bracelets is the excellent quality-price ratio.
Among the high jewelery products it is possible to mention the tennis shoes by Salvini, Crieri and Giorgio Visconti. These are valuable, elegant and refined products. The bracelets of these maisons are designed for customers who wish to invest in valuable jewelery that lasts over time. Their cost is in fact higher. However, the jewelery market is constantly evolving. Ciccimarra Gioielli offers a particular model, that is, an elastic tennis shoe capable of combining timeless elegance with practicality.

Men's tennis bracelets

Among the most sought after men's jewels, second only to the inevitable watches, are tennis bracelets. Thanks to their genderless elegance and minimal and sober charm, they are also perfectly suited to the male public who is looking for something precious to wear every day. Perfect to combine with any look, it is ideal for any occasion, from the most formal ones, through ceremonies, to everyday life. In the Ciccimarra Gioielli catalog there are tennis models for men in white gold with black or black and white diamonds by Salvini or the Crieri version, in elegant black gold and black diamonds. For men with a sporty style, Ciccimarrashop also offers the Nove25 or Albert M. version in silver with black zircons. The Ciccimarra Gioielli assortment is designed to include pieces of high jewelery and jewels for all budgets. As regards tennis, therefore, it is possible to find settings and stones of all kinds, perfect to satisfy all tastes but above all the needs of customers.
Contrary to what is commonly thought, tennis bracelets are also a gift idea suitable for men. These are refined jewels which, depending on the stone, can appear more or less showy. The traditional ones with black, blue or white diamonds are ideal for those who love a classic and minimal style, while the more eye-catching ones with sapphires, emeralds and rubies are suitable for more eclectic men.
As mentioned above, one of the peculiarities of the tennis bracelet is precisely that of resisting fashions. This is the reason why a bracelet of this type is ideal for formal and informal occasions, as well as for embellishing casual or elegant looks. Plus, the tennis's minimal lines allow you to wear more than one at the same time. As with engagement rings and wedding rings, these bracelets, if received on special occasions, could evoke indelible emotions and memories. By wearing them every day you can bring with you special people and happy moments of your life but also objects of inestimable value.

The choice of gems: brilliance and luminosity

Tennis bracelets are a symbol of elegance and refinement. The choice of gems is essential to create a shimmering and luminous effect. Diamonds are the most common stones used for these bracelets, due to their brilliance and durability. However, it is also possible to find tennis bracelets with other precious stones such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds, which give a touch of color and personality to the jewel.

Prices of tennis bracelets for women and men

Tennis bracelets with diamonds, generally speaking, have a variable price between 1,500 euros, for models with small diamonds, up to 11,000 euros for the most important jewels. The Ciccimarra Gioielli catalog is quite vast and includes tennis jewels even from 80 euros, such as silver and zircon bracelets, up to elements costing 11,980 euro like tennis with Salvini's diamonds and baguettes. For example, Swarovski models have an average price between approximately 100 and 280 euros. As regards the precious models with natural gems for men, however, even considering that they are almost always black or white stones, their value can fluctuate between 1,500 euros and 3,000 euros.