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Swatch Watches

Swatch watches new and discontinued collections

Swatch, a renowned Swiss watch company with mechanical precision and innovative design, has made the history of the watch great.
In steel or polycarbonate, patterned or mono-colored, for adults and children, men or women, Swatch is the watch that satisfies everyone.

Swatch watches: a story that began in 1983

At the beginning of the 1980s, the ideas of Nicolas George Hayek led the entire watch industry beyond the Alps to glimpse a rosy and prosperous future. The brilliant idea for the first Swatch watch was that it be considered a simple "second watch" but with a touch of elegance.

Since the birth of the first Swatch model, back in 1983, the brand has developed to establish itself worldwide and even today, after almost forty years, its watches remain among the most appreciated and collected ever.

Ciccimarra Gioielli Concessionario - Official Italian Swatch dealer in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 768 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 768 items

The main features of Swatch watches

The first Swatches were made of plastic, however you can find models made with many different materials, such as silicone, rubber, different synthetic compounds, or stainless steel.

These watches are also distinguished by the movement which, in most cases, is quartz. There are also those that use automatic movements and do not require batteries.
Among the latest innovations of the Swiss company, we find the SwatchPAY! Watches, a line of waterproof products configured with an encrypted system that allows you to make contactless payments.

Swatch watch lines

New Gent

Sporty and colorful watches, which focus on functionality and unique style. The choice of material for the strap ranges between plastic and bio, but the Clearly New Gent watch is particularly noteworthy, a transparent model capable of embodying all the simplicity of time.

The price varies between 80 and 100 euros.


The Gent collection is on the same line, which also includes a Clearly model, characterized by total transparency. Like the previous one, in fact, it has a biological plastic case and a TPU strap.
This line of watches is less economical and the price of the various models ranges from 55 to 80 euros.


The Chrono models combine the watch with the chronograph, which makes this product range particularly attractive. With this watch on your wrist you will always have the essential functions for your day at your disposal.

The price of this model range is between 120 and over 220 euros.

System 51

Automatic time-only watches, a masterpiece, a revolution in mechanics applied to watchmaking, a self-winding mechanical movement made up of 51 elements, all held together by a single screw that give it an autonomy of 90 hours of power reserve, both plastic and steel Sistem 51 Irony models are available. Price range from 140 to 220 euros.

Classic Skin

The latest Skin Classic models are ultra-thin and the case is made using organic materials. This line is perfect for those who want a more refined design. Also available is the Skin Irony range made of stainless steel.

The price range is around 90-200 euros.

Big Bold

The Big Bold collection employs very particular lines, suitable for all those daring personalities. These Swatches boast a large dial, featuring large hands.

The price of this line is slightly lower and between 90 and 145 euros.


The Irony line is specially designed for modern men and women who want a beautiful watch to look at. Leather, rubber or steel straps and dials of different sizes will ensure that everyone finds their ideal product.

The Irony range is included in an extremely broad price range. It starts from 90 euros up to 220.


This line is entirely dedicated to women, specially designed so that each one can express her personality. The products that stand out in Passion or Classic are characterized by elegant lines and by the wide but balanced use of rhinestones and rose gold-colored steel. The Single models, on the other hand, are more essential and functional, suitable for dynamic and lively women.

The prices of the Lady line are between 55 and 125 euros approximately.

Some successful products

Swatch 007

The well-known Swiss watch brand has launched a collection not to be missed, the one directly inspired by the secret agent 007.

These watches recall the most iconic films starring James Bond and have inspired several models. Among these we find a model dedicated entirely to No Time To Die, but also to the character Q.


Bioceramic is a truly innovative watch. In fact it is made up of a unique mix of ceramic and plastic of biological origin.

This feature makes this product particularly resistant, maintaining a "silky" sensation on the skin.

Swatch X Center Pompidou

With these models you will have the opportunity to wear a unique watch dedicated to the works exhibited in the Pompidou Museum in Paris. The inspiration from modern art has given life to a line of very creative models with an unmistakable design, as well as widely customizable. Perfect for those who want to get noticed and express their uniqueness.

Swatch X MoMA

These unique and special timepieces are directly inspired by the works of art preserved in the well-known Museum of Modern Art based in New York City.

Colors will be the absolute protagonists of these unique, practical products with particularly soft lines.

Swatch X Dragonball Z

New collection dedicated to the legendary characters of the famous cartoon, anime, Japanese Dragonball Z

Art Swatch collaborations

Swatch has always proved to be a company in line with the trends of its time. This is especially true with regard to art: in fact, many artists have collaborated with Swatch throughout its history, creating original products, accompanied by a themed package with each Swatch Art Special collection.

New Swatch 2022 collectible watches

From the new collaboration between Swatch and Omega, the Swiss company has created 12 models belonging to a special and highly sought-after collection.

This is the Omega Moonwatch collection which boasts models each inspired by a celestial body that determines the design with an image placed on the back of the watch.