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JEWELRYThere are 4557 products.

Man's and Woman's Jewels whit Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Precious Stonnes

Choose from a wide selection all the best Brands and competitive prices

Wide selection of jewels and precious of the best Italian and international manufacturers, in step with the trends, always elegant and refined; jewels to live and to show off, unique and unforgettable pieces.

Brilliant rings, trilogy, wedding rings, necklaces, earringsbracelets and much more that will make your most beautiful moments magical. Do not miss the chance to make those you love happy.

Ciccimarra Gioielli Jewels ... emotions for a lifetime.

Jewellery in Valle D'Itria a Cisternino - Italy - Apulia 



    Gold rings with precious stones and pearls


    Solitaire, the engagement ring par excellence

    Solitaires, that is rings with a single diamond or at most rings with a diamond in the center and small diamonds on the stem or around the central stone.

    Generally the materials used to set the diamond are white gold, yellow gold or platinum or rarely even silver.

    Solitaire engagement ring par excellence represent the promise of eternal love between a couple close to marriage, cohabitation or simply given as a demonstration of love and passion.

    The solitaire frames can be divided into two broad categories:

    - Straight, i.e. with the stem in line with the central stone

    - Turned, i.e. with the stem slightly asymmetrical with respect to the stone, to create an effect turned around the diamond. This frame is also called Valentine

    Both straight and turned frames can have four-prong or six-prong settings.

    Valenza with its factories renowned all over the world is the world capital of classic jewelery with diamonds and the Gioielli di Valenza brand has now become a guarantee of high quality made in Italy jewelery.


    Trollbeads collection with its beads in silver, silver and gold, handmade glass, pearls and precious stones and their meanings and stories.

    Currently the entire Trollbeads Collection is only available in our physical stores and not online for information, come and visit us in our stores or contact us by email, phone or chat.




    Charms made in gold, silver and silver gold plated perfect for special and unforgettable moments!

    The care for the details, the best of the hand made from made in Italy, The Happiness, Rosato, Raspini, Queriot and much more! find the charms that you need to be in love! tell with a charms!


    The best selection of Men's Jewelry from the best brands


    Certified and sealed diamonds in blister packs

    Investment Diamonds

    Whether for investment or simply as a reminder of an important moment, the sealed diamonds, complete with Igi - Gia - HRD - Calderoni guarantee and international certificate in a gift box, are gifts that are increasingly in demand and sought after.

    The main characteristics with which diamonds are classified are essentially 4, the famous 4Cs:

    - Carat, the weight of the diamond expressed in carats (one carat = 0.2 grams)

    - Clarity, the Purity evaluated based on the size, type and position of the internal inclusions

    - Color, the color of the diamond varies from completely colorless to stones with fancy colors

    - Cut, the cut referring both to the shape but above all to the proportions of the diamond

    Why give a diamond in a blister pack? At the moment it is one of the best investments and therefore the most welcome gifts to receive, instead of cash, this by virtue of the average increase in the price of diamonds considerably higher than the purchasing power of money.

    Sealed diamonds or diamonds in blisters mark, with their characteristics of durability and non-alterability over time, the perfect gift for important events such as Baptism, Communion, Confirmation or Weddings and / or engagement; in this specific case the diamond can be set on simple settings that enhance and enhance its own beauty.

    Our diamonds are of excellent quality with colors ranging from D to G and clarity from IF to VS - Tiny inclusions visible under a microscope or 10x magnification lens - with Optimal Proportions - VG / VG or EX / EX

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Showing 1 - 24 of 4557 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 4557 items