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Salvini Jewels

Salvini Jewels are handmade in Italy with gold, diamonds and precious stones

The best of Italian Made in Italy regarding the creation of jewellery, Salvini has always stood out for his unique and unmistakable character and personality. Synonymous with elegance, style and refinement, Salvini Gioielli still prefers artisanal processing of its jewels.

Unmistakable, thanks to the creative flair of the goldsmith designers and gemologists who work using only the highest quality precious stones, Salvini jewels are then all worked by the expert hands of the master goldsmiths of Valenza , home of Italian and world high jewellery. All these components make Salvini Gioielli the reference brand in the goldsmith and gemology sector today.

Brand leader of the Damiani group, Salvini Gioielli is now the most well-known Made in Italy jewelery brand from Valenza in the world, the design of its jewelery is immediately recognizable in the windows of the best jewelery shops.

The attention to detail, the diamonds, gems and precious stones, the artisanal goldsmith manufacturing of Valenza, an always available and prepared customer service mean that the Salvini jewels sold on Ciccimarrashop fully satisfy even the most demanding and informed customer.

Salvini jewels are divided into various Categories and Collections:

Salvini Categories:

- Rings - Solitaires - Necklaces and Pendants - Bracelets - Earrings - Wedding Rings - Men's Jewelery

Salvini collections:

Battito - I Segni - Sunny - Be Happy - Antwerp - Capri - Dora - Lavinia - Virginia - Infinity - Magic

and many other collections that complete the entire world of jewelry.

The latest collection for 2023 is Eva , inspired by the figure of the snake. Collection in which 18k gold and natural diamonds are combined with hybrid ceramic.

The Salvini Gioielli collections are designed for the modern but also romantic woman, a mix of elegance and refinement in the simplicity of everyday life. Stylized classic lines make Salvini a must in the tradition of beauty.

All Salvini jewels, of any category and collection, have the original packaging with Gemmological Certification and Replacement Certificate for three years in the event of robbery or theft valid throughout the world.

Ciccimarra Gioielli Dealer Official retailer Salvini Gioielli Italia in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

Ciccimarra Gioielli is also the Official Online Sales Reseller of Salvini Gioielli

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Showing 1 - 24 of 492 items

Salvini jewels

Salvini jewels represent the best of Made in Italy in the precious segment, by virtue of an obsessive attention to detail, an unmistakable style and the use of the highest quality materials. Salvini is synonymous with style, elegance and refinement; prefers artisanal workmanship and offers a wide range of jewels for men and women.

The characteristics of an iconic brand on the Italian scene

Salvini is one of the Italian brands that best represents Made in Italy in the world. Brand leader of the Damiani Group, Salvini Gioielli offers emotions through each of its creations, whether it is a jewel with classic lines or a modern reinterpretation. Salvini proposes "scratching" ideas and seductive solutions, capable of surprising anyone.

The brand has a well-defined personality, in which elegance, refinement and style, combined with the long tradition of craftsmanship and the exceptional creative flair of its stylists, offer unique jewels, capable of giving unforgettable moments of joy. Unique and unmistakable, thanks to the extraordinary creative flair of designers and gemologists, Salvini's creations are made so by the expert hands of the master goldsmiths of Valenza, home of Italian high jewellery. The components just listed make Salvini Gioielli the reference brand in the gemology and goldsmith sectors in Italy.

The attention to detail, the wide selection of precious stones, the beauty of the diamonds used, the Valencian artisan manufacturing and an attentive and helpful customer service make this company one of the most appreciated companies, both in our country and in the rest of the world. world. Loved by the most informed and demanding customers, Salvini Gioielli offers various collections, including Eva, Daphne, Sorrento, Dora and many others.

The history of the brand

Valenza is the homeland of Italian goldsmith art. Located in Piedmont, this small company in the province of Alessandria has given birth to the most important companies in the goldsmith world. Starting from the end of the 19th century, various manufacturing companies decided to settle in the area, to the point of establishing a real specialized hub. Today, the long artisan tradition has been joined by the innovations introduced by the most recent technological discoveries, which have made the storage and delivery of products much quicker than in the past. It is precisely in Valenza that, thanks to the intuition of Damiano Grassi Damiani, one of the best-known brands in Italy in the jewelery and goldsmith sectors was born.

We are talking about Salvini Gioielli, which has been celebrating Italian Contemporary Jewelry for over 100 years, offering buyers dozens of collections characterized by an iconic design, inspired by modern women and men and their emotions. Each jewel made by the Maison is a unique piece, entirely handcrafted by Valencian master goldsmiths. Masters who have been able to bring a thousand-year-old culture such as that of goldsmithing to the highest levels of formal precision and who, at the same time, manage to interpret all the trends of the moment in the most current and fascinating way possible.

The woman who wears the precious Salvini

The Italian brand offers all its customers the precious opportunity to always wear a tangible sign of their femininity. Salvini jewels, in fact, represent the sum of everything that the brand has always wanted to offer: femininity, savoir faire and an unmistakable design. We are talking about a brand capable of feeling change, facing new challenges and daring.

Today more than ever, the precious Salvinis are a symbol of creativity, recognition, positivity and expressiveness. Furthermore, they are able to raise the concept of femininity to the highest levels: the Salvini collections are designed for the modern and romantic woman, who wishes to underline her elegance at every moment of the day, even during normal daily chores. Yes, because Salvini's precious pieces are practical, easy to wear and match. This makes them perfect for any eventuality and ideal for embellishing any outfit, from the most informal to the elegant ones.

Salvini Women's Jewelry

Salvini Gioielli offers precious emotions through each of its creations. The Salvini collections include rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces for women. The rings include solitaires, trilogy rings, wedding rings and rings with diamonds and precious stones. Likewise, Salvini bracelets are also unique creations, embellished with diamonds and precious gems, made of yellow, white and rose gold. The bracelets in white gold and diamonds with hearts and those in rose gold with red hybrid ceramic belonging to the Eva collection are splendid.

Salvini necklaces are also elegant, fascinating and contemporary. They stand out for their splendid craftsmanship, original design and excellent materials. The brand offers them for all tastes, from those in rose gold to the models with cross, butterfly and heart-shaped pendants, belonging to the I Segni collection. What woman would give up a pair of gorgeous earrings? They illuminate the face like no other accessory, giving depth to the gaze and intensity to the smile: Salvini Gioielli earrings are casual and elegant, suitable for any event. They represent an essential must have, capable of making every woman even more beautiful and feminine. To deprive yourself of it would be sacrilege!

Salvini Men's Jewelry

Men are also granted the privilege of wearing bracelets of the highest quality, offered by one of the most well-known brands on the Italian scene. So why not buy a tennis bracelet in white gold and black diamonds? We are talking about an iconic model, which has literally bewitched entire generations of men, in love with the unique style of the precious Salvinis. Charm, charisma and confidence: the essence of the modern and strong man, but also of the metropolitan style, is shaped in creations full of character.

Salvini necklaces for men are beautiful and elegant; they exude strength and virility. They adapt perfectly to the modern and successful man, who cares about always looking elegant. And how can you resist the charm of the dark silver necklaces with diamonds from the Funky collection? Cufflinks and wedding rings in white, yellow and pink gold, with or without diamonds, complete a seductive offer, to say the least, capable of conquering even the man less inclined to wear precious objects. Salvini Jewels and Ciccimarra Gioielli have everything a man and a woman could want. Whether they want to improve their outfit with a jewel, or give themselves an emotion that will last for the rest of their life, Salvini is the perfect choice!

All Salvini Gioielli collections


The Eva collection presents a design clearly inspired by the snake, a real but at the same time mythological creature, with immense evocative power. The unmistakable scales and the red colour, made of hybrid ceramic, a technological material capable of giving a surprisingly intense chromatic effect, are the true protagonists of these fascinating and daring jewels. Destined to be inevitable style companions for seductive and mysterious personalities, they can be worn at any time, even stacked for a modern and captivating look capable of leaving their mark.


The precious items belonging to the Bagliori collection present a design inspired by mid-twentieth century jewels, in which geometric lines and compositions reigned supreme. Whether it is geometric shapes or motifs that reproduce the shape of a heart, rings, earrings and necklaces are embellished with splendid diamonds, capable of giving life to luminous flashes that cannot help but capture the attention and gaze of any interlocutor.


This collection is one of the most refined among those proposed by Salvini Gioielli. Many iconic pieces belong to the Daphne line, including rings and necklaces in white gold and diamonds. All jewels stand out for their splendid setting, floral motifs and their exceptional brilliance.


Three of Salvini Gioielli's iconic symbols adorn the precious items belonging to the I Segni collection: the cross, the heart and the butterfly. Messages of love, faith and hope, all to be worn and shared with those who interpret life in a cheerful and carefree way. The jewels belonging to this collection reproduce the heartbeat of Italian goldsmith art. A beat that marks all the most important love stories and that triggers intense and enveloping emotions, like those offered by these extraordinary precious objects.


The Luce collection is dedicated to all women who make elegance their lifestyle. Made up of white and rose gold jewels, embellished with splendid diamonds, this collection boasts strong geometric lines, reminiscent of the spark from which energy comes. The jewels belonging to the Luce collection are dedicated to strong women with great personalities.


The Magia collection enhances concentric, composite shapes. With its magical touch, this collection ignites the most intense emotions. The precious items belonging to this collection do not go unnoticed: their shapes enhance the beauty and seduction of every single creation. These jewels are an extraordinarily balanced mix of skill and excellence, characteristics capable of giving uniqueness and elegance to anyone who decides to wear them.

Love for Color

Salvini Gioielli's love for colors is more than evident in this magnificent collection. Jewelery in white gold and diamonds, made even more fascinating by splendid emerald, ruby and sapphire gems, make up a timeless collection that winks at lovers of classic lines. The attention to detail and the beauty of the finishes help to enhance the intense colors of the precious stones. Color is precisely one of the distinctive elements in evaluating the value of a gem. The profound knowledge of the material and the experience of the master goldsmiths of Valenza enhance the charm of these gems, crowning them with rows of diamonds, so as to make formal elegance and class the main protagonists of the Love for Color collection.

Be Happy

Being happy is a right that belongs to each of us. And Salvini Gioielli's goal is to offer a moment of joy to all women who decide to wear one of the jewels belonging to the Be Happy collection. Soft, rounded lines that put you in a good mood and look good in any context. Precious like a good mood, fascinating like a smile, these jewels are the perfect culmination of a casual and carefree outfit. The iconic necklaces in white gold and diamonds with pendants in the shape of the letter of the alphabet belong to this collection, recommended for all women who wish to be unique and recognizable at all times.


This collection also offers colored gems framed by splendid diamond frames. Unlike Love for Color, Dora offers jewels with classic lines, characterized by timeless beauty. Dazzling and ethereal like an Olympian goddess, elegant and sophisticated like an eighteenth-century lady, these jewels boast a unique and irresistible charm.

The Salvini Pearls

Object of desire and token of love, the pearl evokes suggestions of rare perfection. Synonymous with elegance and purity, pearls have exerted their charm for centuries, fueling myths and legends. Salvini pearls come from the seas of Japan, are of the highest quality and give off an intense light rich in nuances. They are authentic "drops of light", made even more fascinating and precious by the combination with diamonds.


The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the thousand shades of its waters and landscapes are an integral part of the Sorrento by Salvini collection. The pink, tanzanite and aquamarine colored gems evoke the beauty of the seabed and the dreamlike and princely atmospheres of the most fashionable locations on the Coast, revealing the sparkling and holiday mood that dwells in every woman.