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Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni jewels

The unmistakable Eyelike brand has also landed in the world of jewelry since 25 October 2021, with Chiara Ferragni Gioielli, the new collection conceived and promoted by the most popular young entrepreneur and influencer on the web. The line includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and watches intended for a wide audience, produced in collaboration with the Morellato group.

The style of Chiara Ferragni jewels

With her first jewelry collection, the digital entrepreneur is aimed at modern, dynamic women who are always on the move, who love to relax after work and find a moment to devote to social life. These are therefore pieces suitable to be worn both day and evening, which pair well with a seductive and elegant outfit but also with a more discreet, office outfit, producing a sparkle that can be glimpsed just below the cuff of a shirt. . These jewels represent the portrait of a romantic and refined woman, but who loves to show her strength and determination, they reflect the nature of the founder and her approach to life, always positive and a little dreamy. The woman they are destined for loves to feel unique and show her charm in every situation, without fear of exposing herself. A perfect compromise between refinement and pop style that have always characterized the Chiara Ferragni branded products and the personality of the influencer. In addition, all the products are made of hypoallergenic material, in order to adapt to all wearartici. Galvanic 18 k gold, rhodium, zircons and natural leather are used.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 184 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 184 items

The collections  

Chiara Ferragni Gioielli's collections appear extremely diversified, but connected by a common line, represented by the pop element that makes each jewel usable at any time of the day or evening. Each line expresses a trait of the personality of the woman it is intended for, with a touch of originality that makes it unique.

For example, in the Infinity Love collection the absolute protagonists are hearts, in different colors and considerable sizes. Necklaces and pendants shape zircons that illuminate the wearer's look with a natural glow. The same romantic atmosphere is breathed with the First Love hearts, which focus on shades of pink and blue, enhanced by the white zircons that surround them. The heart, symbol of a love that can take on infinite forms, but first of all means family, returns to the Marina Infinity Love collection, which celebrates the indissoluble bond between parents and children.

Diametrically opposite is the Bossy Chain collection, which speaks of a strong and independent woman through a bolder profile, without neglecting an unmistakable brand of femininity that is recognized in the colored zircons that are scatteredly set on the chunky rings.
Finally, between the two trends, the Classic line is configured as a perfect compromise between a fairytale way of seeing the world softened by a sober elegance and an unmistakable character typical of modern women, who want to stand out without sacrificing style, with simplicity and refinement. 

What jewels can we find in the Chiara Ferragni Gioielli collection

The jewelry line promoted by Chiara Ferragni includes items for all tastes and needs, suitable to be worn on any occasion.

Those who love flashy and brilliant necklaces will not fail to appreciate the iconic one of the Infinity Love line, in which a pink heart stands out surrounded by other whites that cover the jewel in its entire length. An extremely sophisticated piece, which will not leave any look indifferent and capable of enchanting with its simple romanticism. Next to this, we find the necklaces of the Frist Love brand, which focus on the pure beauty of a colored heart, the only protagonist of the jewel just like true love.

Triumph of hearts also for Chiara Ferragni rings, with an unmistakably pop design, which feature a large heart-shaped zircon set in a wide golden or brightly colored bundle.

As far as the bracelets are concerned, the classic tennis bracelet is of great value, which becomes the standard-bearer of an authenticity that characterizes the character of women who love linear but refined elegance.

The Bossy Chain collection includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings united by a chain design, which gives the jewel a robust appearance, suitable for a determined woman who wants to shout her independence, but at the same time feminine. The necklace studded with small pink cubic zirconia sends an unmistakable message, and the pendant earrings with a very simple line give personality to each link of the chain.

The discreet elegance of pink is the undisputed protagonist of many of the jewels in the collection, and stands out in a particular way in the earrings, which can be simple, heart-shaped, or curls of stones set and juxtaposed together. Overall, Chiara Ferragni earrings aim to convey a lightness and a romanticism that traces the vision of life of many women who, despite grappling with the thousand tasks of everyday life, do not give up their dreams of romanticism and pursue the love in all its forms.

Finally, the watches depart from the classic slim shape dedicated to women, to embrace a more decisive line that leaves room for bright or delicate colors, golden or leather straps with glam tones and a dial framed by zircons. Perfect for women who love to be noticed and express themselves without excess.

Chiara Ferragni jewels: how much they cost and where to find them

Chiara Ferragni jewels want to present themselves as suitable for any woman who wants to show her personality and recognizes herself in a delicate and at the same time strong soul, which wants to assert herself without ever giving up optimism. A modern woman, always on the move, who needs versatile accessories that can be adapted to any occasion, from a day at the office to a special dinner. The price of these items with a pop spirit varies within a range between 49 and 249 euros.

To buy them, also online, you can refer to Ciccimarra Gioielli, official Italian retailer of Chiara Ferragni jewels in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi.