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Swarovski jewels, watches and objects

Jewelery and new Swarovski remix collection - necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and objects new lines and out of production, bright and fashion suitable for any occasion

Swarovski, a leading company in the production of jewelry and crystals, owes its success to both the perfection of the workmanship and that of the materials chosen. With the new line of Remix modular bracelets and necklaces, Swarovski gives a creative and innovative momentum. It represents the swan and we find it on all lines of jewels and crystals. Daniel Swarovski, founder of the company, originally from Bohemia but who became a jeweler and glass cutter in Switzerland, opened the doors to his success thanks to the creation of a special machine for cutting. Loved by women all over the world, it is characterized by its attention to detail and the play of light that every single object emanates in a brilliant and enveloping way.

Must in pret-à-porter fashion, it embellishes even the simplest garment making it unique and sparkling. There are a thousand opportunities for use and many ideas taken from the past, vintage and retro for jewels, modern and fun for objects. Always in great change, for this new year Swarovski has partnered with one of the most well-known stylists in the panorama of fashion and entertainment, we are talking about Jean Paul Gaultier and his creative flair that has given life to a line entirely inspired by shapes abstract geometric shapes embellished with a shiny faceted Kaputt cut crystal; Reverse collection in limited edition.

Choose for yourself and for the people you love to shine with Swarovski jewelry, uniqueness in step with the times.

Ciccimarra Jewelery Dealer - Official Italian Swarovski dealer in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 1352 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 1352 items


Swarovski is synonymous with luxury, unrivaled brilliance for women, men and even the little ones. It is a brand that manages to please everyone with its products always in the latest trend but with an ancient history: it was founded in 1862 by Daniel Swarovski who was fascinated by crystals since childhood. Even today this precious material is the topic, the fil rouge of all the products of the brand, the sparkle of the precise carvings, the light that passes through them as if by magic, creating almost hypnotic plays of light and shadows are what makes Swarovski a true bringer of brightness. . Today the company offers objects and jewels for all tastes, to show off on the most diverse occasions, even every day and also to be exhibited at home as furnishings. Here is a broad overview of everything you need to know about the Swarovski brand and the flagship and trendiest collections that are not to be missed.

Swarovski collections

The Swarovski collections can truly satisfy all lovers of luxury and exclusivity. They are capsules with great attention to detail, ordered in their unique and fashion allure and also made in collaboration with brands and topic realities such as Disney. Every year the Swarovski brand offers new fashion lines, especially dedicated to the world of women's and also men's jewelery, ideal to show off and give on the most varied occasions. Transparent and / or colored crystals, elements also mixed with other carefully selected materials and a lot of creativity give life to truly unique Swarovski collections that will certainly not go out of fashion. A product signed by Swarovski is forever, like the most classic of precious diamonds.

Swarovski jewelry and objects

Swarovski signs jewelry collections and ideal objects for all lovers of beauty and exclusive, classy and trendy accessories. There are very classic and evergreen items that highlight the purity of the crystals, while others are hyper creative, even eccentric and hyper glamorous but equally iconic. Each Swarovski product, jewel or decoration, is also ideal for weddings, the wedding list and also as a corporate gift.

Swarovski necklaces and choker

Swarovski necklaces represent the essence of femininity and are also available in diametrically opposed moods. It is easy to find the right bijou to combine with the most varied outfits, from pendants to the most refined chains and there is no shortage of models completely covered with crystals even with an iconic and luxury allure. Each Swarovski collection has at least one necklace to complete an entire truly chic and impressive set and, in some cases, the transparency and brightness of the Swarovski elements also go very well with other jewels of the brand. Must have for the most chic women are the chokers: the most glamorous and fashionable ones are the chokers, sensual necklaces and declined in the most different styles, jaunty and youthful but also super luxurious and impactful. The latter are superb with their total gold plating and refined and never predictable weaves.

Swarovski earrings

The universe of Swarovski earrings is as enchanting as it is wide, it is characterized by lobe and teardrop models, considered among the most refined, hoop and ear-cuffs, the most trendy and modern. And there is no shortage of Swarovski clip and single earrings, essential light points for those who want to highlight their personality but with luminous discretion. With the maison's earrings anyone can bring out the features of their face, emphasize the pigments of the complexion and the nuances of the iris: these bijou bring light during the day and in the evening and not wearing them is really a shame. In addition to the classic clear and transparent proposals, the colored ones stand out: the most popular shades today? Surely wisteria and deep purple, azure and cobalt blue, yellow in all its shades, oranges and green and rainbow models, these are essential for all fashion victims.

Swarovski rings

There are many Swarovski rings, always available and purchasable individually to characterize the most varied looks. Among the models of Swarovski signed rings we mention the Millenia, enveloping, luxury even if declined in minimal designs; those in a ring instead remain the "never again without" for those who want to fascinate with a refined and classic outfit. Just the eternity rings are ideal for engagement, to celebrate an anniversary or to declare oneself in style to one's beloved. Today the Swarovski rings are also loved by the most glamorous men, while the more classic rings are easier and more youthful, also appreciated by the older people are ideal for those who want to make a sparkling gift. For those who love exclusivity and that eccentric touch that never hurts, the Swarovski cocktail rings, cabochons or less faceted, colorful or with a more traditional mood are perfect. And what about patterned or stackable rings? These are the right proposals to really satisfy all women and men who are more attentive to the look.

Swarovski bracelets

Swarovski bracelets are true status symbols, cleared even among the very young, they are today the objects of desire of all contemporary women: they can define the outfit with discretion or, on the contrary, with great charm and impact, they are good for everyone and they match perfectly with the most diverse looks. Even a total denim suit acquires that glamorous touch that never hurts today and that is capable of emphasizing everyone's personality. Among the coolest models we include the Millenia and Ortyx topic of the brand of recent years and very versatile, as well as available in very different shades, from the most eye-catching to the neutral ones.

Light points and Swarovski pendants

The light points and Swarovski pendants are jewels of rare beauty and concentrate all the charm of the brand, they are essential elements to illuminate the face, complexion and, in general, the look of any woman. Depending on the model, these pendants can also be worn every day, even in combination with a casual or sporty look and, for a more eye-catching allure, they are exceptional together with other products of the brand. The capsules are truly endless, there is no shortage of showy and colorful elements, multi-faceted with cushion or cabochon cut, but also completely studded with small Swarovski: there is really spoiled for choice even for an important and naturally sparkling gift idea.

Swarovski decorations and objects

Decorations and objects are other strong points of the Swarovski brand. There is no shortage of gift ideas of rare beauty and made thanks to the collaboration of as many famous brands such as Disney and Warner Bros. Christmas decorations, photo frames, glasses and candlesticks, the latter ideal for a magical and brilliant, exclusive wedding list. and certainly one of a kind. And for a non-binding gift, here are the flowers, the mini crystal supports, the sculptures for all tastes and themes and much loved are also all the subjects inspired by the natural world and the Chinese zodiac.

Swarovski sales and discounts

Thanks to the sales on the Ciccimarrashop site, in a few clicks you can win the coolest and most top-of-the-range Swarovski products at an advantageous and accessible price. The wide selection makes it easy to choose the perfect gift for yourself or for those you love. Taking advantage of Swarovski discounts is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with jewels of pure light, unique and exclusive, luxury and timeless.