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Miluna Jewels and Pearls

Miluna, the jewels of Miss Italia

The historic Italian jewelery brand, Miluna, which has become famous from the now ten-year collaboration with the Miss Italia competition, has now become a leading player in the world of Made in Italy jewelery and recognized all over the world.

Jewels with Miluna Pearls are the heart and soul of the brand, but now more than ever Miluna Jewels has expanded its production to Jewels with Diamonds and with Precious Gems all rigorously Natural Gems, such as:

- Jewelry with Aquamarine

- Jewels with Ruby

- Jewelry with Emerald

- Jewels with Sapphires

A family apart from the Miluna world also employs the production of silver jewellery, fashionable and trendy jewels and of course the Miss Italia collection which has always attracted women of all ages to these marvelous jewels.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 146 items

Miluna jewelry

Miluna jewels represent the quintessence of romanticism , of which this company proudly presents itself as a standard-bearer. It's not just about precious accessories, brilliant to the point of illuminating the eyes of the wearer and giving every woman a regal touch, but also about excellent quality products capable of leaving their mark while telling a story of beauty and passion . That's why Miluna jewels are perfect for any occasion and particularly loved by young people who are living a love story and by ladies who want to feel like queens.

Below we will briefly see some hints about its history to frame this reality, together with some examples taken from the vast Miluna catalogue, able to satisfy everyone's needs and preferences.

History of Miluna Jewels

The story of Miluna begins in Venice , inspired by the words of an anonymous poet who told how a Venetian noble conquered the heart of his beloved with a night trip on a gondola and a diamond that shone more than the moon itself, the only witness of that moment of intense love. Today this story is handed down by the Cielo Venezia 1270 brand, founded by Sergio Cielo in memory of the times of Marco Polo's travels, who was the first to bring directly from the East the beauty of some precious stones that were flaunted by the court ladies of Palermo . Since then several brands were born, all united by a director who takes her cue from the classic Italian tradition and the excellence of diamonds to give life to elegant jewels , able to strike directly at the heart of the women who receive them and who have begun to request them with ever greater fervour. The quality of Miluna jewels is such that it has earned the partnership with Miss Italy since 1997, which is why, starting from that year, it is Sergio Cielo's company that crowns the new beauty queens. The whole story of Miluna revolves around the goal of illuminating every woman by making precious stones the absolute protagonists, all certified in terms of origin, purity and cut, making them the spokesperson for a promise, a memory, an unforgettable moment.


Earrings are jewels that allow for a great deal of choice, offering those who wear them many possibilities to express part of their personality . Miluna boasts a very large collection of earrings, among which you can choose more classic items to be worn with discretion, as well as elegant and refined products capable of conveying all the uniqueness of this brand.

For example, a great classic that can never be missing in a woman's jewelery box are pearl earrings , which Miluna embellishes with a white gold frame and by placing side by side, in many models, small diamonds capable of enhancing the nuances and brilliance of the round cut. White, black or pink, pearls are timeless and speak of a discreet sophistication that adapts to any personality.

Even easier to wear are the point of light earrings , in which the purity of the stones stands out in a particular way, whose infinite reflections illuminate the face like nothing else can do. An apparently very simple jewel, but with great value and to be appreciated above all for the ease with which it can be combined with any outfit, enriching and enhancing it.

For women who, on the other hand, love to dare and show their most feminine and refined side, Miluna offers earrings in which the protagonist is a natural oval-shaped emerald surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. The beauty of this stone is completed by an outline of 28 small diamonds resting on an 18-karat white gold base. A further variant of this jewel involves the presence of a teardrop emerald , framed by a slightly pendant structure.


Necklaces are often associated with a romantic moment , and even in this case Miluna offers many solutions for those looking for a special jewel to give on a particular occasion.

The possibilities vary from pearls to precious stones of different types. In the first case we find different models that combine the perfection of natural pearls with the brightness of white gold or silver, resulting in refined and discreet necklaces. However, the pearl necklace shouldn't automatically be associated with an excess of seriousness, and Miluna demonstrates this with his collection, in which pearls of different colors alternate, including a romantic rose or a flaming ruby red, or they are arranged in peculiar ways as in the Pearl Fantasies, giving life to an ethereal accessory that can be distinguished.

Those who prefer the brilliance of the light point , on the other hand, will find many possibilities to light up an evening thanks to a necklace that is easy to combine and wear, which expresses the utmost in brightness and purity.

Another solution, however, are jewels with rubies, sapphires and other precious stones , such as emeralds which, even in the case of necklaces, add a further touch of uniqueness thanks to a pendant that places an oval-cut natural stone in the center of 0.32 or 0.72 carats, with dimensions that are respectively equal to 5x4 mm or 7x5 mm. Depending on the model chosen, the emerald is embraced by 16 or 18 diamonds .


Miluna bracelets express all the passion for the beauty of stones and, especially those adorned with pearls, they are a token of love that adapts to any style and personality.

You can find various models, from the more classic ones in which a string of pearls alternates with 18-karat gold creating a refined play of colors , up to the more modern ones, in which the Miluna pearls are literally caged by a white gold chain or yellow , which enhances its precious line. For women who particularly like to combine tradition with innovation, there are also models that provide for the presence of three 925 silver strands alternating between large and slightly smaller pearls, giving rise to a particular design that allows you to distinguish own elegance without letting it fall into banality.


Finally, an overview of the Miluna rings , jewels that more than all are an expression of romanticism and speak of a promise first suspended and then revealed. The traditional Miluna diamonds , the hardest of all gems, symbol of the eternity of love, are always present, but a touch of color and personality can be given by other stones, based on the preferences and personal tastes of each woman, creating a play of light capable of accentuating the purity of white gold .

An example of great class is the ring with aquamarine and solitaires , in which the soft blue of the main gem, with a round or oval shape, combines with the transparent shades of the small brilliant cut diamonds that surround it.

Finally, for a more decisive shade, which stands out more and gets noticed while sealing an important promise, the delicate aquamarine can be replaced by a natural oval-shaped emerald . The first of these rings belongs to the Gemme Preziose collection , and features a 0.32-carat emerald surrounded by 16 small diamonds that highlight its brilliance; the second, instead, directly from the Le Gemme collection , includes a 0.72 carat and larger stone, which stands out on a thin white gold band and around which 18 diamonds are set. In both cases we are talking about jewels of rare beauty, made with the aim of enhancing the femininity of every woman and representing the memory of an unforgettable moment in the life of each one, which will remain unchanged over time and will occupy a special place in the heart of those who he will wear them.

The Miss Italy Collection

Miluna is not only the brand that crowns the beauty queens of the Miss Italia contest, but it has also dedicated a line called the Miss Italia Collection to the purity of femininity. Inside there are jewels of various types, which focus in particular on a modern design to convey a new idea of beauty , which passes through the purity of yellow and white gold, which intertwine to form chains with wide and thin rings, or in a Korean shirt that makes a unique queen, perfect for Miluna. Thin and crossed threads give life to unique designs in which the harmony of shapes and colors, thanks to delicate nuances, creates a perfect balance between discreet femininity and measured sophistication .

Where to find Miluna jewels

The vast catalog of Miluna jewels, which today includes not only those traditionally associated with the brand (ie those made with pearls and diamonds) but also creations that follow the wave of modernity and choose precious stones as a pivot. In this way to expand the various collections there are jewels with aquamarine, rubies, sapphires and emeralds , combined with various gold colors and small solitaires. Prices vary greatly depending on the elements present and their weight in carats, but each jewel is made with materials of the highest quality and carefully selected natural stones of certified origin . On the Ciccimarra Gioielli website you can get an overview of the vast choice offered by the Venetian brand, as well as find numerous offers that allow you to buy the jewel of your dreams at an advantageous price and make it part of an important moment in your life.