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Sealed Diamonds Cauldrons

Brilliant cut and certificates in blister from Calderoni Milano 1840

For an investment, for special occasions, as a safe haven asset, Calderoni certified natural diamonds have always been the right alternative for saving or accumulating wealth. Calderoni Milano 1840, a Damiani Group brand specialized in the field of sealed diamonds, offers a widespread choice for every need.
All carats and qualities are available immediately, GIA America certification for all stones from 0.30 carats and above, furthermore for these carats the possibility of immediate resale.

Ciccimarra Gioielli Official Authorized Dealer Calderoni Milano for Italy in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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Showing 1 - 24 of 25 items

Diamond Cauldrons

When you buy a natural diamond it is generally a choice that goes beyond its intrinsic value, even if other characteristics are important and linked to the size and value of the diamond itself. All this is guaranteed by the painstaking work of industry experts who enhance it and carry out precision cuts, measurement (caliber) and verification of colour, purity and brilliance.

However, a particular role is played by a distributor who must be certified, reliable and guarantee the quality of the stone. Calderoni diamonds, for example, is one of the specialized companies in the sector that boasts over a hundred years of experience and is known throughout the world.

Brief history of Calderoni diamonds

Calderoni diamonds is a company that was founded in Milan back in 1840, that is, in the period in which the Habsburg dynasty, known for the romantic aspect of its habits and customs, reigned in the city. The aforementioned company is still operational today, and is one of the most famous when it comes to the processing and sale of diamonds. Every single example is characterized by exclusivity (for cut and carat weight), reliability and insurance, i.e. three essential factors to obtain the maximum guarantee of the finished product from buyers.

Calderoni diamonds in the year 1870, given the great success immediately after the opening of the first sales point, decided to inaugurate a branch in Piazza Duomo which very soon became a point of reference for the local aristocracy, as well as for the main European Royal Houses including the Italian one. Subsequently the company moved initially to Via Manzoni and in 1942 to Via Montenapoleone, which is today's headquarters, becoming the first retailer of precious objects in what is par excellence the capital of world luxury.

The professionals who work in the laboratories are also able to create high-class jewels all with carefully selected diamonds, and present exclusive models that are the result of their creativity and in the name of the tradition that has made the brand great from its origins to the present day. To demonstrate how Calderoni diamonds is an integral part of the sector's elite, it should be underlined that it has been awarded the Diamonds International Awards four times, i.e. the Oscar of the world's jewellery.

Characteristics of the diamond and related processing

Buying a natural diamond also means knowing its main structural characteristics and the manufacturing processes that enhance it. In fact, these are important factors that severely involve the expert cutter who demonstrates all his skill and precision when cutting the stone and which determines its intrinsic value.

Calderoni diamonds are mainly presented with the so-called brilliant cut, i.e. characterized by 57 facets all arranged in a very specific order and which allow them to diffuse the light with a prism effect, making it shiny. However, when we talk about brilliant cut diamonds, we must underline that there are other parts that enhance their value, purity and colour. Specifically, these are the table, the crown, the pavilion and the belt. At this point it should be added that diamonds are generally classified based on four very distinct characteristics, namely:

The carat

A diamond is valued with its own unit of measurement known as a carat which corresponds to 1/5 of a gram (0.2 grams). This definition was born in ancient times, when traders used carob seeds to compare various specimens as they were considered ideal for such comparison, since they all had the same mass. This is obviously an old custom which today has been supplanted by the experience of professionals in the sector and by the precision scales used to establish the carat weight of each individual diamond with an infinitesimal error.

Finally it should be added that all these stones weighing less than one carat are cataloged in cents known as points. An example in this sense is: 0.50 carats which is equal to 50 points.


When purchasing diamonds, operators in the sector carefully evaluate the purity of the stones in addition to the carat weight. The procedure seems quite simple but only an expert and well-trained eye in observing diamonds is able to classify, with the use of 10x magnifying glasses, the inclusions and their impact on the value. Furthermore, it is important to underline that almost all diamonds by nature have very small natural inclusions that are not detectable with the naked eye, and difficult to see even with a magnifier which absolutely cannot be overlooked in the classification of purity. Obviously a diamond that does not have any imperfections falls into the very high value range.


To be defined as valuable, a diamond must be achromatic; in fact, if it has this characteristic it takes on a higher value than others. However, the total absence of color is difficult to find in almost all diamonds, but nevertheless the experts in the sector have managed to establish regulations in this regard which in practice are graduated scales and which start from the letter D. The latter represents the highest level of colorless diamonds, as you go down towards Z, however, the diamond takes on increasingly evident shades of yellow. Naturally, the further you go towards Z, other characteristics being equal, the more the value of the gem decreases.

These methods of identifying the color of diamonds are adopted by all the companies that work with them and by all the gemological institutes and therefore recognized in every corner of the world.


The diamond experts in the laboratories carry out a fundamental process, that is, the cut that starts from the rough stone and leads to the finished one, of which the proportions and finish are then certified. Today in the established laboratories of the sector including those of Calderoni, diamond cutters are able to define the various angles and facets on each individual gem, all with extreme precision. This accurate and proportional process leads to a finished stone, which is perfect for the refraction of light and therefore capable of generating maximum brightness. From this it can be seen that the great skill of the diamond cutter is fundamental to making a rough stone of rare beauty.

Why is choosing Calderoni diamonds a must?

Buying natural Calderoni diamonds is certainly an excellent choice, since they are certified precious stones and the result of meticulous craftsmanship which, from their rough state, makes them faceted and luminous. We are also talking about precious items that prove to be long-lasting as they have unique structural and chemical characteristics.

A natural diamond, among other things, represents the best gift to pay homage to your loved one and demonstrate your feelings with a precious object without equal, and if of great carat weight even higher than the value of gold and platinum. Buying a Calderoni diamond also means obtaining numerous advantages which deserve to be carefully described. The first derives from the fact that each one is certified and includes the description of all the structural characteristics and dimensions. The second lies in the intrinsic value which is universal, that is, resalable at a standard price in any corner of the world.

No less important is the advantage regarding weight and dimensions, since the latter make them easily transportable and simple to store in safe places. The price factor can also be considered another significant advantage when talking about diamonds. In fact, they have a stable price on the market and, unlike precious metals, they are not affected by financial crises, indeed they represent the ideal solution for diversifying the portfolio of personal assets. To complete this quick overview of the advantages offered by the purchase of certified natural diamonds such as those offered by Calderoni, it should be added that the sale is exempt from stamp duty and the only tax to be paid concerns VAT. From this it is clear that opting for these precious stones means obtaining them of great value and with the certainty of giving a loved one a unique, original, timeless gift that will become a real heritage.

Natural diamonds with ethical certification

Today natural diamonds are certified and are ethical, i.e. sustainable. This definition in fact indicates that these are precious stones extracted from the ground and serves to demonstrate that both human and environmental rights are not violated. The certified and ethical diamonds proposed by Calderoni are also consistent with these criteria; in fact, at the time of sale the company accompanies each individual specimen with a document certifying its origin and subsequent work process.

To buy these diamonds in other Italian locations, just contact specialized shops that boast the authorization provided by the brand such as at Ciccimarra Gioielli, which is one of the official retailers that also operates online and is located in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi at 111 of Umberto I.