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Pesavento Jewels

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that fascinate with boundless elegance and creativity.

Pesavento offers jewels that combine craftsmanship and innovative design. Each piece tells a story, conveying emotions and embracing the timeless elegance of jewellery.

Wearing a Pesavento jewel means immersing yourself in a fascinating world, discovering an infinite beauty that accompanies every moment of life. The brand stands out for the creation of wearable works of art, in which precious materials come to life and are transformed into unique statements of style and personality.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 31 items

Pesavento jewels: elegance, innovation and eternal charm

Pesavento is a project of beauty and passion born in 1992 thanks to Marino Pesavento and Chiara Carli, who over the years have managed to create a brand of excellence specialized in the design and creation of designer jewellery. A world made of art, research and harmony of shapes and colours, where attention to detail and creativity become the strengths for transforming precious materials into exclusive jewels.

Pesavento is an Italian story, a project created and completed that enhances the long tradition of our country in this sector and which makes use of a team of professionals who aim only for the excellence of Made in Italy, both in design and in the quality of manufacturing, to bring abroad all the beauty of exclusive jewels divided into designer collections.

The key words of its success are a marked creativity, which passes through the continuous search for original shapes and materials that give life to works of art that enhance the wearer, bringing that touch of elegance and style that only an exclusive jewel can give. .

Innovation is another strong point, which allows the brand to look to the future through collections that focus on the revolution of materials and colors to go beyond the frontiers of beauty to create eternal jewels suitable for every woman.

The company has developed an innovative technique that makes it possible to create light and flexible jewels without compromising their durability. This technique allows you to create unique and comfortable jewels to wear, perfect for showing off on any occasion.

Finally, Pesavento stands out for its inexhaustible passion for elegance and attention to detail, a world where detail becomes the focal point of the jewel to spread beauty and femininity everywhere.

The Pesavento jewelery collections

The Pesavento world is divided into various collections which aspire to reveal and exalt the female soul in all its facets. In fact, this project aims to enhance the beauty of women by taking into account every variable: colours, passions and personalities. This is why the brand is so loved both in Italy and abroad, because it allows every woman to feel at ease on any occasion and wherever she is.

Pesavento collections stand out for their bold and contemporary designs. The jewels are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and a unique fusion of vibrant colors. The materials are often worked to create extraordinary effects, such as the satin surface, the ice effect or the three-dimensional relief.

In the Forever Chic collection, for example, iconic shapes emerge where each jewel plays with different materials and structures that excite the public and highlight the true feminine essence: luminosity, beauty and uniqueness. In the same collection it is possible to find a sub-collection that offers jewels of great visual impact: necklaces that close asymmetrically, earrings with extravagant shapes and rings that embellish the silhouette by illuminating any outfit.

For gold lovers, however, Pesavento offers exclusive pieces that recall the divas of the 60s: bracelets that wrap around the wrist, creating plays of light that highlight the complexion without going unnoticed and rings with geometric or rounded shapes, that tell of a modern and dynamic woman who does not want to give up her femininity.

The Pesavento jewelery collections include rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which can be worn alone or combined to create a personal and distinctive look.

Pesavento presents a fascinating selection of jewelry collections, including the vibrant DNA Collection, the romantic Polvere di Sogni, the evocative Sabbia Collection, the fluid Liquido Collection, the elegant Essenze Collection, the enchanting Silver Rain Collection, the celestial Cielo Collection , the versatile Gioie Collection, the essential Uno Collection and the natural Natura Collection.

Pesavento's "DNA Spring" collection

To discover the true essence of Pesavento and its constant search for innovation and modernity, just look at the DNA Spring collection which comes to life from a common thread that gives shape to each jewel: the unique silver thread. It is a jewelery project that highlights an excellent material such as 925 silver in the form of a single wire worked and made more flexible which is able to create rings and bracelets that rotate on themselves giving life to precious spirals .
Sometimes silver meets the colors of natural stones, to create exclusive jewels with a modern design with a futuristic touch that catapult the wearer into an innovative and exclusive dimension.

DNA Spring is the collection dedicated to the woman who loves to surprise with her personality. This is not the classic jewel but the result of a long search for both materials and shapes that has given life to an exquisitely Italian know-how inspired by the beauty of our country and the eternal charm of every woman.

In fact, the single silver thread is worked with a very special material which is the Dust of Dreams: a series of micro particles which, skilfully worked and finished, allow the creation of jewels with the most varied colors and the most diverse shapes. It is an exclusive and little-known manufacturing project in Italy imported by Pesavento Gioielli exclusively for its customers, always looking for the perfect jewel.

The "Dust of Dreams" collection

The Polvere di Sogni collection is a captivating project that combines the sheen of precious materials such as gold and 925 silver with the Polvere di Sogni: micro-particles processed with nanotechnology and obtained thanks to the combination of 100% natural mineral substances. The optical effect obtained from this procedure is of great impact, and to enhance the brightness, the technicians give rings, pendants and earrings geometric shapes that facilitate the reflection and guarantee plays of colors that give light to the whole person.
Born from an idea of the founders of the brand, the Polvere di Sogni collection was a real revolution that met with great success among women of different age groups. These are unique pieces that turn into the perfect gift for a graduation party or an eighteenth, as a sign of femininity and elegance.

The Polvere di Sogni collection features a wide range of items to allow every woman to choose her own combination: a ring in rhodium-plated silver with pearl gray powder or a rigid bracelet in pink silver with black powder, to enhance its shine. The hoop earrings in pink silver and antelope dust with a symmetrical bar that cuts them in the center are also very effective, perfect for a formal evening but also suitable for everyday life.

Pesavento jewels prices

Pesavento jewels are designed by a team of professionals who work with passion and constantly study the most innovative techniques to create designer jewels with exclusive and cutting-edge materials.

The prices of Pesavento silver jewels vary from 100 to 600 euros and depend on the material with which they are designed, the type of workmanship and the finishes, to which the company reserves great importance. It should not be forgotten that Pesavento is a constantly evolving company that offers different collections every year in both materials and lines, to offer exclusive, high-quality jewels that make the difference.

Pesavento offers a wide range of options to suit different price ranges, ensuring there is something special for every budget.

Ciccimarra Jewels authorized dealer

Pesavento jewels can be purchased from the most exclusive authorized retailers, but the brand also offers very convenient online sales. Among the best stocked in Italy we mention Ciccimarra Gioielli Concessionary and Official Reseller of Pesavento Jewels online in Italy and in Puglia in the shop in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi.

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