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A sky full of stars, a frost of crystals planetary, a blanket of silver moon and the reflection of the earth in the space.. Unode50 takes us by the hand on a trip to the universe and it is in this big Universe where we can meet the moon phases with the white or gray pearls and touch the stars thanks to the Swarovski crystals that make as a background or feel the orbits immersed in waves of silver bracelets.
Anyway, this adventure , bring back us agin to the planet Earth, where the horns pendants evoke the strength and the energy that we need to face the winter.
In any case, with dragonfly wings, we will fly away to the horizon ... free!

UNO De 50 ... minimal and glamor Spanish jewels that from the 90s to today they express all their creativity in accordance with the innovation and quality for the materials. Original drawings for handmade jewelry; rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and much more. Zen, Natural, Urban and Gold lines, signed UNO de 50 jewels; tradition and modernity that create an innovative brand and not taken for granted, just different, where the spirit of the handmade creations is combined with the desire for exclusivity through design and quality.

Universe From the Earth to the Sky!

Dealer Authorized Dealer Uno de 50 Italy in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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Showing 1 - 24 of 234 items