THUN, dreams come true

Thun with affection and tenderness to reach people's hearts

Every THUN creation begins with a sweet thought. Since 1950 The successful history of one of South Tyrol's best-known companies sounds like a fairy tale.

The values ​​of childhood, dreams, magic and warmth, inspire THUN creations, lovingly cared for in every detail. Reaching people's hearts with affection and tenderness through a special wish to believe that even dreams come true.

Clay, of the highest quality, characterizes Thun objects, an absolutely natural material that is prepared following the specific "house" instructions for each individual product: from the mixture with the addition of water, used for angels, to the fire-resistant one for tiles.

Even the packages are finished with sweetness; each product is a sincere message of love.

Thun, little moments of happiness that last an eternity

Ciccimarra Gioielli Thun Italia Official Dealer Dealer in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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