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Hamilton Ventura

Hamilton watches

Hamilton automatic and quartz watches of the Jazzmaster, Khaki, Ventura and Xwind lines also with GMT movement

Hamilton watches was born in the United States, from Lancaster, to reach Biel, the capital of Swiss watchmaking.
From aviation to cinema, the collections, with their high technological capacity, inspire customers from all over the world. Hamilton watches have a unique shape, personality and design, blending the American spirit with Swiss technology. Enter the world of Hamilton and become an integral part of the story! Hamilton stands for quality and authenticity with 120 years of experience and emotions.

New Collections 2023

The return of the Ventura to the wrists of Man in Black MIB, the limited edition Kakhi Interstellar and much more.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 237 items

Hamilton watches for men and women

Hamilton watches contain within them a range of very interesting products. These models include a set of features to be discovered, among which a perfect combination of typical Swiss precision and a strong American spirit stand out. Such a union only makes each watch an authentic first-fruit.

Today Hamilton is considered a high-ranking brand in its area of expertise and never misses an opportunity to flaunt its continuous desire for growth. Here's what you need to know about a constantly evolving company, which offers its public projects with attention to the smallest details at competitive prices. On the other hand, Hamilton men's watches have become a real lifestyle.

A brief history of the Hamilton brand

The Hamilton brand has been operating in the field of watches for over a decade now. The American company was officially born in 1892, to then work in the aviation sector and guaranteeing a high degree of punctuality in the various air mail services. Even today, the brand continues to pursue its prerogatives and focuses on innovation without borders. Not surprisingly, in 1957, the Ventura model was the first electric watch with a battery, while 1970 was the year of the first LED model, Pulsar .

To all this, we must add a conspicuous presence in the film industry, with a productive partnership with Hollywood and its wonders. From Shanghai Express to The Frogmen, from Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley to Interstellar, Hamilton watches have experienced numerous moments of glory on the big screen. Today the company is part of the Swatch group and continues to grow relentlessly, also thanks to the production in the Swiss plants in Biel.

Mechanical watches with manual and automatic winding, quartz

Hamilton offers its customers a set of mechanical watches with manual and automatic winding that are safe to rely on. Among the Hamilton novelties , collections capable of satisfying the public from every point of view should not be left in the background. Mechanical watches guarantee a high degree of precision and reliability, combined with a look that does not go unnoticed.

Quartz watches are also very popular, making use of the potential of a small battery capable of providing long-term energy. Whatever your final choice, what matters is finding the perfect compromise between the various desired elements and getting hold of a product capable of combining functionality and elegance in the best possible way.

New Hamilton watch collections

At this point, you have to take a look at the new collections related to Hamilton men's watches , with the opportunity to compare the individual proposals and find the one that best suits your personal style.


The Jazzmaster range includes numerous innovative models, but without neglecting the pursuit of pure innovation. The style is extremely refined and is embellished with some handcrafted touches. A clear example is represented by the Jazzmaster Open Heart , much appreciated thanks to a green colored dial and a stainless steel case with considerable resistance, as well as the strap. The sapphire crystal completes the picture of an amazing product. A valid alternative coincides with the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono , with a white dial and folding buckle.

Khaki Field

Khaki Field itself constitutes a high-ranking line and is openly inspired by typical military watches. They are resistant and robust, with a strong dose of sportiness and perfect for those who want to flaunt their spirit of adventure. The watches adapt to all circumstances and work by means of a self-winding movement, with valid protection from salt and sand. For example, the Khaki Navy Scuba 's white dial with stainless steel case and strap can appeal to a very wide audience.


The Hamilton Ventura collection, in addition, it contains various highly iconic products. Their triangular shape is striking at first glance, for electric watches that don't feel the weight of age despite their 65-year history. They have a vintage style and an out of the ordinary charm, combined with an extraordinary fame. The folding buckle and calfskin strap make each product even more exciting.

Hamilton Watches Prices

Whether it's a white or green Intra-Matic Chrono , Hamilton men's watches are available to the public at competitive prices. It starts from 400 euros up to over 2000, with a wide choice of products suitable for every occasion.

Ciccimarra authorized dealer

All Hamilton news , among which Intra Matic Chrono H Manual also stands out, are available from the authorized Ciccimarra dealer . This reality has grown a lot in over half a century and offers numerous high quality watches. The catalog is always complete and updated and every potential customer is spoiled for choice.

Hamilton Watch Official Video: Behind The Scenes with the new Jazzmaster Performer