Citizen watches, the new frontier of energy saving

Eco-Drive System - watch of the future

Japanese of origin and pioneer of watchmaking, since 1924, time began to be marked by Citizen at the beginning of the last century. Citizen Watch, originally considered an object of great luxury and, therefore, reserved for a few, has now finally become available to everyone so as to guarantee the best performance without any discrimination. Citizen, in Italian "citizen", perfectly expressed the desire to make the watch an object for all people or citizens, wherever they were in the world. Watches with an increasingly advanced technological content, world leader in the production of timepiece movements and wristwatches.

Multicultural approach, profound respect for craftsmanship and knowledge of the trade.

As a manufacturer, Citizen develops the complete process in an integrated way, from the creation of the individual components to the final assembly of the watch.

Thanks to the new Eco-Drive technology, Citizen paves the way for innovation; no more batteries but only solar energy in full respect of the environment; Eco Drive has eliminated the need to replace batteries, introducing a concept of inexhaustible energy that makes the product reliable and "without limits of use": eco-friendly because:

- Eliminates the need to replace batteries

- Contains a rechargeable battery that does not use harmful metals

- It does not use toxic substances in the production process

"Fusion of technology and beauty

Ciccimarra Gioielli Concessionario - Official Citizen Italia dealer in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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