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Nove25 is an innovative, eclectic and trendy brand. Known for being worn by influencers and stars, it offers its customers jewelery with an iconic and refined design.

From the creation to the creation of the jewel, each phase of the production of the jewels is carried out with passion by the experts of the Nove25 team.

What distinguishes the company's products is the excellent Made in Italy quality, the attention to detail and refinement which, combined with a modern and glamorous design, make each collection unique and unmissable.

NOVE25 Concessionaire - Official Italian reseller in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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Showing 1 - 24 of 58 items

Jewels Nine25

The Milanese brand Nove25 was born from its founder Roberto Dibenedetto in 2005. Thanks to his love for design, jewelery and fashion, Dibenedetto followed his intuition, generating something totally new and creative. From a small shop in the heart of Milan, with an assortment of trendy and daring jewels, the maison has won the esteem of its customers.
However, what allowed Nove25 to establish itself in the sector was the customization of jewels. The team, in fact, is able to create jewels that are unique in the world, satisfying the needs and tastes of each buyer, who can choose the precious metals to use, the colors and the design. The mission is to allow anyone to buy for themselves or as a gift for loved ones a completely personalized, unique and special product, specially designed for an occasion, to celebrate an important event or simply to donate something special.

Over time, the stores have become more and more numerous and its awareness has also significantly increased. Nove25 represents a real language, innovative and in step with the times, thanks also to the collaboration with artists, musicians and street artists. Currently the brand is known for being a creative laboratory, 100% Made in Italy, capable of transforming the ideas and dreams of designers and customers into jewellery.

The characteristic that undoubtedly represents the work of Nove25 is the use of 3D models for the creation of jewels. To make the wishes of buyers and designers come true, the Nove25 team is able to create digital sculptures, used by goldsmiths and craftsmen during the construction phase. The latter, in fact, is performed with a lost wax investment casting process, thus creating the negative. Subsequently the silver is poured inside the plaster tree to give it the desired shape. In the following phases, the master goldsmiths complete the creation, satin finishing, cleaning and polishing rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. The goal is to give all the products in the Nove25 collections a unique design, which supports the creative personality not only of the team, but also of the consumers, guaranteeing quality jewelry, synonymous with passion, dedication and attention to detail and the choice of raw materials.


Nove25 boasts a vast catalog of jewels. Among the leading elements of the collections of the Milanese maison there are undoubtedly the rings. For men, women, solitaires, with stones or diamonds, wedding rings and many others. All made in silver, they present classic shapes enriched by the creative vision of the Nove25 team.

Everyone can find what they are looking for, such as the iconic heart ring, with black cubic zirconia or an oval chevalier, with the initial of their name made with white zircons. The classic wedding rings are created with the piercing model, modern and lively as well as the solitaires, in their classic version or in a totally new perspective, with zircons and colored stones. Even with regard to earrings, Nove25 customers will be able to find a vast assortment. From those with studs, in circles, to those enriched with 3D cats and dogs.

Among the iconic products of the Nove25 earrings collection it is possible to mention the single earring with a perforated name and the single ex-voto heart earring. Anyone can find the perfect ones for themselves or as gifts for loved ones. In fact, the catalog boasts a large number of products with the typical style of the maison.

Among the bracelets, on the other hand, it is possible to buy silver elements, such as the lotus or chain one, but also gold-plated ones with an elegant and sophisticated style. Furthermore, bracelets with stones and diamonds are available, such as the classic white tennis or the iconic bracelet with a zircon circle that recalls the company's glamorous design. Those who love rigid bracelets can choose from a wide range of products such as the one with engravings or barbed wire.

In addition to the famous pendants with initials, Nove25 offers horn pendants, in different colors and materials, heart-shaped pendants, also with different shapes such as the ex-voto heart, with barbed or winged wire. Those looking for unique charms may prefer the gold-plated ones, such as the croissant or those inspired by the tarot cards that show lovers and the stars, modern elements such as the fast food chip or hamburger pendant, the dotted banana, the hot dog and many others.

Also as regards the necklaces, the Nove25 proposal is quite varied. Necklace, choker, rosary or chain, everyone can find what they are looking for. The 7 swords heart necklace, for example, combines the timeless charm of rosaries with a modern pendant, so even the chokers can be enriched with a perforated name. The classic chains are available with designs, materials and colors that can satisfy the tastes and needs of each customer. Finally, Nove25 boasts an extensive catalog of accessories with cufflinks, anklets, belts, money clips, sunglasses and much more. All jewels and accessories can be personalized and modular jewels can be purchased, creating a unique and totally customized element.

The most requested collections are: Puntinati, Serpenti, Eden, Timeless Hardwear, Torchon, Fili

Jewelery prices Nove25

The price of Nove25 products may vary according to the type of jewel, the materials used, the stones and the customization. What distinguishes the company, however, is the choice to keep the cost of the items rather low, without renouncing the extraordinary Made in Italy quality. It is possible to buy earrings starting from 13 euros, up to rings and necklaces that exceed 700 euros. The goal is to allow all customers to buy their favorite jewel, respecting all budgets.

Ciccimarra Jewels: Nove25 authorized reseller

The Ciccimarra Gioielli website is one of the authorized dealers of the Nove25 brand. By visiting the Nove25 page, users will be able to find a vast assortment of jewels such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories from the latest collections proposed by the company. Ciccimarra Gioielli carefully researches the items to be included in its catalogue, selecting only products of excellent quality and innovative design. For this reason, the store has chosen to include Nove25 jewels in the offer.