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Giovanni Raspini

Giovanni Raspini Jewels and Charms

Reason, soul, unconscious, quicksilver to touch, to wear on bare skin, gilded silver to give light and color

A destiny of beauty makes Giovanni Raspini's creations unique.

It is the necessary luxury that comes from the heart of Tuscany, for a brand that has been seeking excellence for almost fifty years. Creations, those of the Raspini group, which confront the world and the encounter gives rise to fashion; the jewel is conceived as poetry.

Reason, soul, unconscious, quicksilver to touch, to wear on bare skin, gilded silver to give light and color. Important jewels, with a unique personality, often of animalier inspiration, sometimes oversized or limited edition.
Emotion, beauty and passion to win time; this is the goal that inspires Raspini creators every day. Many silver charms including lucky charms, coins, initial letters, zodiac signs and precious gems.

“Beautiful things have a soul and speak to those who know how to listen to them!”.

Ciccimarra Jewelery Dealer - Official Italian dealer Giovanni Raspini in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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Showing 1 - 24 of 273 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 273 items

Giovanni Raspini: handcrafted jewels with a refined design

Giovanni Raspini represents Italian craftsmanship through silver jewels that look like real works of art. The refined and exclusive design manages to meet the multi-faceted personality of the contemporary woman and man. The social event or the more informal occasion will find in the Raspini jewel the most important point of light that will make the self-confident woman shine. The Raspini collection also includes men's jewelry that will make it stand out in the style and refinement of the outfit. The Raspini company, founded in 1972, is specialized in the processing of silver, of which it manages to enhance the peculiar characteristics such as the reflection and the typical brightness. Shaping the raw material to express all its natural splendor is the mission of the Giovanni Raspini company. Each piece constitutes a universe in its own right and the presence of any imperfections speaks precisely of this mission conducted with meticulous research and wise passion. The lost wax technique is used to give precious details that fix the themes of the Raspini collections. This is where Animalier, Mare, Catene, Perlage and Rock are born.

The style of Giovanni Raspini jewels

Raspini creations are dynamic and contemporary jewels that do not require particular maintenance. They harmoniously complete the outfit of the successful woman and man who want to express their personality through a jewel. For this reason, the company proposes collections destined to meet both the classic taste and the more jaunty one. They are inspired by elements of nature, the animal and marine world. Every detail manages to condense a precise message that materializes through the clean design of the precious metal used: silver . It is highly resistant to shocks and traction and requires very few adjustments. In this regard, the parent company offers some small suggestions to keep them intact for years to come. In fact, silver suffers the effects of pollution, atmospheric conditions, personal sweating and contact with cosmetics. These effects are not controllable as they affect the normal daily routine. Therefore, it is normal for the gloss to fade with use. The advice is to avoid direct contact with cosmetics and perfumes. Cleaning must be performed with a soft cloth, paying attention to the inlays and stones set on the jewel.

Giovanni Raspini: here are the most beautiful jewels

The collections of Raspini jewels are made up of exclusive pieces that can be coordinated with each other. Each collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. The extra touch is represented by the possibility of composing the jewel according to one's own inspirations. For this purpose, in fact, chains and bracelets are available as a base to be enriched with Charms inspired by the message you want to launch. Here are the initials of the name, the stars, hearts, cherubs and sea urchins, the tree of life, the ladybug, the butterfly and much more shine. This Raspini jewel is among the most loved by girls but also by mature women. The perfect gift, in fact, is the one capable of being a messenger of the sentiment of the person giving the gift. Chains of different lengths have been designed for the pendants, among which the heart-shaped ones stand out. The hammered model, for example, is available in three sizes. We then move on to the one enriched with butterflies or enlivened by a nice little putti who basks waiting to hit the lover's heart. The highlight of the collection are the Byzantine series bracelets made of silver with a gold bath. These are particularly important models, recommended for important social events and ceremonies. The precious weaves and the refined design have been conceived for the woman who wants to be the center of attention. The Giovanni Raspini golden Byzantine bracelet is also available in the golden mini variant or in silver, maxi and mini.

Raspini chains: necklaces and bracelets

The current trend to wear chains and necklaces of a certain importance finds its maximum expression in the Raspini jewelry collections. The chains are true works of art that, worn alone, can complete the trendy outfit. The choice of refined, elegant and light design is precisely the strong point of these jewels that alone speak of pure elegance. Among the chains it is also possible to find the maxi Byzantine necklace and the mini Byzantine necklace that can be coordinated with the bracelet of the same collection. The links of Raspini chain jewels are available in different versions: hammered, oval, alternating, longuette, jazz, intertwined and torchon . Likewise, the Raspini bracelets also follow the model of coordinated necklaces with a precious lobster clasp.

Perlage Raspini

The Perlage collection is among the most iconic of Raspini jewels. The materials used for its realization are the result of research, passion and inspiration. Each model in the series is first conceived, imagined and, finally, made with raw materials chosen to give shape to the concept. Raspini Perlage jewels include rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in which natural pearls, mother of pearl and semi-precious stones give life to silver . The pieces come alive as soon as they are worn. They reflect the natural light of the woman who wears them just like the Via Lattea collection. Sunrise, on the other hand, recalls the dawn or the moment when the rising sun irradiates the night sky that leaves room for the new day. The real play of alternations and nuances of the Perlage Raspini collection proposes all the charm of the astral theme recalling the sun, the moon and the stars.

Raspini jewels for men

The Raspini maison could not fail to dedicate a collection of men's jewelry to meet the needs of contemporaneity. The detail makes the difference. Modern man understands this philosophy well. This is why he is always looking for the exclusive jewel that magically completes the office outfit or a social and formal evening. Giovanni Raspini dedicates important materials to him such as silver, leather and semi-precious stones with interesting plays of light and shadow. Here stands the leather bracelet on the casual man or the Gear bracelet on the man in an office suit. The onyx, on the other hand, stands out on the gourmette bracelet that perfectly matches the black shirt. There are also rings with skulls, lion heads or snakes. Necklaces and key rings are available in the same style.