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Rerum Jewels, Carpe Diem

In rerum natura, literally translated, in the nature of things, we find the essence of the new Rerum Jewels that celebrate the beauty of human soul with a series of pendants and coins in 925 silver with rose gold plated hook, to mark the emotions of our existence.


A true hymn to Life enriched with natural stones and pearls each with different meanings, a perfect gift for friends, family or for yourself, so as to celebrate your passions and loved ones every day.

All Rerum jewelry collections are made of 925 silver with natural stones and cultured pearls.


The themes of these original jewels are:


Friendship, Passions, Purposes, Nature, Moments, Love, Muse, Family.

Each single pendant contains a small phrase and the color of the stone represent the theme chosen; it is possible to apply or overlap several pendants on a single necklace or bracelet base.


Rerum for its low cost and its hight quality can be a fantastic gift. Rerum jewels carpe diem collection.


Available in Ciccimarra Gioielli stores, official Italian retailer in Puglia in Cisternino (Br)

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Showing 1 - 24 of 45 items

Rerum Jewels