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Salvatore Plata

Salvatore Plata, fashion jewelry in silver

Fashion and jewelry for an elegant woman in step with trends

A consolidated company in the production of silver-plated fashion jewelry, it intensifies its collaboration with Italy and is inspired by Made in Italy design.

Unique and original creations, produced with the highest quality materials that guarantee durability to the accessory; each stone or crystal used is subjected to careful analysis as well as the use of metals is certified by AIMME which ensures the absence of toxic products.

Beautiful and elegant, the jewels signed by Salvatore Plata, an important Spanish entrepreneur, will enrich your outfit, making it always perfect for all occasions of use.

The vastness of the catalog allows a considerable variety of choices so as to satisfy the most different tastes from the classic woman to the more jaunty and in step with trends.

Own style and unmistakable refinement are the tenets of the company and the proposals presented on the market today.

Ciccimarra Gioielli, official Salvatore Plata jewelry retailer in Puglia in Cisternino, province of Brindisi in the Itria Valley.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Salvatore Plata jewelry