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Seiko Watches, artisans of time

Since 1881 a leading company in the international watchmaking sector, a journey to the Far East that takes us directly to Japan, Seiko is today one of the most recognized brands for its fame in design combined with the movement, a must have for those who want to have on their wrist an excellent quality watch but above all with a classic and youthful look at the same time.

Quartz, mechanical and kinetic, Seiko guarantees a vast choice of movements to embrace all needs and in particular is the first in the production of battery-free quartz watches with an integrated electricity micro-generator. Furthermore, for some years now, the KINETIC AUTO-RELAY variant capable of putting the clock in standby to save energy has been increasingly present on the market.

The watch can stand by for 4 years and reset to the correct time as soon as it is worn again.

SEIKO is the only manufacturer in the world that has succeeded in combining a high-quality chronograph system, based on the nobility of mechanical watchmaking, with the cutting-edge KINETIC technology.

For lovers of the date, Seiko has in fact dedicated an entire line to watches equipped with a perpetual calendar capable of taking into account even and odd months, as well as leap years; this avoids having to worry about manually adjusting the date in even months and in February. As for the materials, as well as the movements, even the choice of steel or leathers rather than urethane rubber which make the bracelet more flexible and resistant, is subjected to careful study, in fact the same finishes are rigorously made in gold, palladium on carbon or titanium carbonate.

Since 1 January 2002, the use of products with a certain degree of radioactivity has been prohibited, therefore, SEIKO is a pioneer in this field, applying since 1994 on some models and since 1997 on all its products, a new luminescent paint called LUMIBRITE , which is completely environmentally friendly and safe for health.

Seiko, true craftsmen of the time, undisputed professionals and historical leader in the international watchmaking sector.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 85 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 85 items

Seiko watches for men and women

If you are looking for the perfect gift, discover all the Seiko news, including the elegant Seiko limited editions designed for a special idea, which will not be forgotten so easily.

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Seiko watches for men and women for an endless gift idea

History and curiosities of the brand

Let's discover the Seiko brand together, with some useful information that will make your Christmas shopping even more aware and intelligent.

The history of the Seiko brand was born in 1881, in Tokyo, in a small shop selling and repairing watches in Ginza.

A young Japanese watchmaker and entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, decides to open the shop and only 11 years later founds the manufacturing company Seikosha.

With this word, which basically means refined home furnishings ( seiko means refined and sha means home ), the wall clock was born.

Later there will be many inventions, always characterized by the hands that mark the time, such as the pocket watch (the so-called timekeeper ) which will become the fetish of Lords and gentlemen from all over the world.

In 1913, Laurel made its debut, the Seiko wristwatch which was then perfected in the 1920s, after the terrible earthquake that razed the commercial activities of Kanto to the ground in 1923.

We have to start over: 1924 is the official date of the first official Seiko wristwatch.

In 1929 Seiko became the partner of the railways, clearing customs for the famous pocket watch.

Technical features, movement, case and strap materials

Even today, the Japanese brand stands out for the technical characteristics of Seiko men's and women's watches , such as the famous Diashock anti-shock system , or the famous magic lever mechanism patented by the brand for self-winding chronographs.

There are many cutting-edge innovations from a brand that is a symbol of the Olympics, of the outings in the Antarctic with the very first diving watches, or even of the first analog models in times that were not yet ripe for the rest of the world!

Discover your favorite Seiko watch

Let's now choose the best Seiko men's watch among the main models.


Prospex Seiko is the collection of watches designed for high-risk sports enthusiasts.

Since the launch of the first Japanese diver's chronograph in 1965, the Prospex Seiko has been the favorite accessory for those who love sports in the water, in the sky and on land.

The diving watch with quartz saturation today becomes streetwear, suitable for everyone, such as the Prospex Samurai Diver, or the blue and red Padi Turtle, or the automatic Sumo model in elegant black.


The watch with 3-hand mechanical movement, in silver, black and bright green, a true tribute to class that meets the most refined technology.

With a remaining power reserve of over 70 hours, Seiko Presage guarantees an almost infinite reserve for all people in a hurry, always in step with a frenetic, dynamic life, full of commitments and interests.

On Ciccimarra Gioielli you can buy your best Presage Seiko watch by choosing from different models, such as the Cocktail in cobalt blue, black or dark brown, three elegant and refined nuances for a determined and enterprising man.

Choose your Presage Seiko in the shades of forest green, petrol green, or in the inviting Presage Seiko Mojito with a contrasting chocolate strap: a real jewel to show from the morning to the aperitif with colleagues!

Do you prefer something more sober but at the same time masculine, for him and for her?

Choose the sophistication of a timeless, genderless accessory, such as the Seiko Presage Prestige from the Steel Line, with a mesh strap.

Seiko 5 Sports

Finally, the iconic Seiko 5 Sports watch par excellence.

They were put on the market in the 1960s and represented the new frontier of accessible mechanical watches at the time.

Today you can find Seiko 5 Sports models characterized by a robust case, or those with a nostalgic and vintage style, according to your mood and your needs.

In summary, a perfect accessory for a sporty and urban street outfit , but super precise!

On the Ciccimarra Gioielli online shop you can buy your favorite Seiko 5 Sports by choosing from many models and colors.

The automatic steel case is the leitmotiv, the distinctive trait of Seiko Sports watches with very high performance for him and for her, to choose from among dials of many colors: orange, blue, black, creamy white, all perfect for many wrists and many days right on time.

Why choose a Seiko watch for your gift?

Buy on Ciccimarrashop Safe and certified dealer to make a unique gift to your family, friends and relatives.

A Seiko watch is forever, primarily because of its value and exceptional selection of materials, including premium quality steel.

Secondly, these are refined, precise watches, in which the centenary experience of the most meticulous Japanese watchmakers meets, together with the evergreen style that never goes out of style.
They are watches with a masculine look, with that decisive groove that distinguishes the man with clear ideas, but also the determined woman who loves the mannish style.

Seiko watches guarantee you quality, excellence, value, robustness, durability, precision.

Giving a watch at Christmas means making a truly unique cadeau, but also an investment in time and space.

Choose Seiko watches for women and men even during all seasons of the year, on the occasion of a degree, a wedding, a professional success or a happy event.

Any novelty will be an opportunity to give a gift like this, which wins the heart and is in time with the most glamorous trends, always punctual and in step with the times.