Seiko Watches, craftsmen of the time

Since 1881, a leading company in the international watchmaking sector, a journey to the Far East that takes us directly to Japan, Seiko is today one of the most recognized brands for its fame in design combined with movement, a must-have for those who want to have on the wrist. a watch of excellent quality but above all with a classic and youthful look at the same time.

Quartz, mechanical and Kinetic , Seiko guarantees a wide choice of movements to meet all needs and in particular is the first in the production of batteryless quartz watches with an integrated micro-generator of electricity. Furthermore, for some years now, the KINETIC AUTO-RELAY variant has been increasingly present on the market, capable of putting the clock in standby to save energy.

The watch can stay on standby for 4 years and reset to correct time as soon as it is worn again.

SEIKO is the only manufacturer in the world that has managed to combine a high-quality chronograph system, based on the nobility of mechanical watchmaking, with state-of-the-art KINETIC technology.

For date lovers, Seiko has in fact dedicated an entire line to watches with a perpetual calendar capable of taking into account even and odd months, as well as leap years; this avoids having to worry about manually adjusting the date in the even months and in February. As for the materials, as well as the movements, even the choice of steel or leather rather than urethane rubber that make the bracelet more flexible and resistant, is subjected to careful study, in fact the same finishes are rigorously made. in gold, palladium on carbon or titanium carbonate.

Since 1 January 2002, the use of products with a certain degree of radioactivity is prohibited, therefore, SEIKO is a pioneer in this field, applying a new luminescent paint called LUMIBRITE since 1994 on some models and since 1997 on all its products. , which is completely ecological and safe for health.

Seiko, true craftsmen of the time, undisputed professionals and historical leaders in the international watchmaking sector

Ciccimarra Gioielli, official Seiko dealer in Puglia in Cisternino, province of Brindisi in the Itria Valley.

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Seiko watches