Maria e Luisa

Maria and Luisa Jewels, femininity and string personality in a jewel handmade and Made in Italy

#Riconoscersisenzamostrarsi creations in silver and gold with precious stones, carving work, expression of love for nature, design, art and life.

Maria and Luisa Jewels celebration of creative inspiration; ambitious and bold project but at the same time characterized by an elegance with a classicist aftertaste.
Each carving made scrupulously by hand by artisans using burin is born from the brilliant mind of her designer, a refined woman attentions to new trends, which combines traditional taste with the innovation of forms.

The last but not the least,the burnishing process gives an unmistakable air that distinguishes the brand.

Every single detail, from the choice of materials to the embedding of gems or the fusion of silver and gold is followed step by step; constant is the work of comparison between the various figures in the company.

Jewelery and collections are inspired by what nature, art, life always offers us in close connection with the eyes; "look around or look inward to find the inspiration"!

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, brooches, the desire of every woman who wants to feel beautiful with others and with herself.

Maria and Luisa Jewels - Ciccimarra Gioielli official Italy dealer from Puglia, Cisternino (Br)