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Emotions, perfumes and essences for him and for her signed Angelo Caroli

A perfume is not simply that fragrance that you choose to put a minute before going out, it is not that smell that you feel on your skin and on your clothes depending on the trend of the moment, it is not the result of chance but rather a decision you make with awareness. If a perfume is such it becomes part of yourself, a perfect synergy between olfactory sensation and skin contact.

Each of us has a dedicated essence, you just need to understand what it is and, this is understood by the effect of well-being that we draw from it.

Angelo Caroli, a highly successful Italian entrepreneur and style master, lifestyle specialist, is one of the few to have grasped this need for perfect research, thus presenting his line of personal and home fragrances on the international market, the first known with a whole name. emblematic: "emotions" because this is what one draws from a perfume .. an emotion, personal and for others; what we arouse in ourselves and in those around us through the olfactory perception.

Curator of well-being, Mr. Caroli has created with scrupulous study natural and refined essences, inspired primarily by his roots, the bond with mother earth and consequently the cultures of the world, largely thanks to his countless travel experiences as well as a far-sighted vision of life.

Licorice, citrus, violet, tuberose, patchouli, orchid, rose, amber, vetiver, tobacco and vanilla, Indian incense and many more, a real journey around the world.

Wellness and prestige, Angelo Caroli niche perfumes.

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