Alberodellavita925 silver, gold and natural stone shield rings

The symbols that we associate to the objects we love lives with us throughout our lives; some more than others hide important meanings for us real talismans or memories and emotions to be guarded. Tree of life 925 represents all this, in fact for its old tradition it is still today one of the most required symbols.

New Alberodellavita925 rings collection.

The new tree of life 925 rings collection, binds its mystical and religious meaning of source of life to the shape of the ring, a symbol of eternity, a perfect combination that is completed with the use of precious materials such as silver, gold, mother of pearl, turquoise or amethyst stones.

All collection is inspired, and the shield or pillow shape complete this beautiful jewel, unique in its kind thanks to the browning or carving process that reproduce the tree itself.

Made in Italy and quality guarantee, Tree of Life 925 is the result of an inner journey within the soul.

It preserves memories, emotions, teachings.

The new inspirations are completed today with further enrichments such as the possibility of being able to engrave and thus obtain a significant but at the same time very personal jewel.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items