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Piquadro, Bags, Purses, Backpacks, Accessories and Luggage for men and women.

Made in Italy, an emblem of style and functionality.

Piquadro, a leading Italian company in the production of bags, suitcases, backpacks, small leather goods, travel accessories or for business and leisure, has always been synonymous with quality and innovation .
Each product is carefully designed to be beautiful, safe and durable over time. The high technology of which the articles are equipped guarantees sturdiness and functionality of use.

With an elegant but at the same time casual style, Piquadro allows you to always be in line with the trends of the moment.The attention to detail, such as the choice of fabrics and leathers of the highest quality, guarantees the customer the right combination of processing techniques and tradition Italian craftsmanship.

Piquadro Leather Division:

- Small Leather Goods: Wallets, Card Holders, Coin Purses , Key Rings and Belts ;

- Bags and Pouches ;

- Work Bags, Walking Bags and Backpacks ;

- Travel items: Suitcases, Trolley (two and four wheels), Beauty .

Very important news, the introduction in many of the products in the catalog, of the new Connequ device that allows you to track / trace your item through a simple Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone or iPad.

Ciccimarra Gioielli, Dealer - Official dealer of Piquadro Italia in Puglia, in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 1492 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 1492 items
Piquadro Leather goods

Piquadro is the all-Italian story of a family that shared passion and dedication to their work, in anticipation of a leather goods product that today is the bulwark of the most refined Made in Italy.

The concept was born in 1987, from an idea of the entrepreneur Marco Palmieri. His mother, Ginetta, owns a small shop in Granaglione, an Emilian town immersed in the Bolognese hills, where she sells bags and perfumes.

Marco, born in 1965, with his Renault buys various items in the neighboring shops of Rimini and Riccione, and then resells them in Modena and Lucca.
One fine day, he decides to produce these leather goods himself, buying the raw material and the appliances, a first sewing machine that will become his faithful ally during many sleepless nights spent working in his garage.
In this place the first Piquadro belts were born and Marco continues to produce his artifacts thanks to the help of Beatrice, the girlfriend who will later become his wife.

The rapid rise of the Piquadro company

The brand was officially born in 1998: in addition to the founder Marco and his wife Beatrice, Pierpaolo, the brother of the owner, who is 8 years younger, also works in the team.

In 2000 the first Piquadro boutique was opened, in which the P stands for Palmieri and leather, and the word quadro stands for the square.

The first official store is located in via della Spiga in Milan, in the quadrilateral of Italian fashion, and the second in Rome, a few years later.

During the rise of the brand, Piquadro also opens several shops in China and Indonesia: the leathers are purchased in Northern Italy, especially in Veneto, they are shipped to the East where they are assembled and then back to the West where they are processed.

Today the brand is known all over the world, appreciated all over the world for the quality of the materials used, elegant and refined design, use of technological machinery.

Piquadro for men and women

Let's find out together what are the must-haves of the autumn-winter season, all to be exhibited at formal or more casual and disengaged events.

Among the huge Piquadro selection you can find everything you need to complete your day & night look, starting from bags and backpacks, accessories, travel bags, suitcases and trolleys, small leather goods and, last but not least, sneakers and clothing .

In our Store we can offer you only the best of the Piquadro collections for men and women, starting from the great timeless cults, up to the new arrivals that will give a real boost of energy to the autumn and winter season.

Piquadro backpacks and bags for men and women

The Piquadro brand is recognized at first sight for the quality and prestige of the materials used, starting from leather to synthetic fabrics, made with ecological and sustainable artificial fibers.

All Piquadro man and woman production is characterized by an ethical and solidarity commitment towards the workforce and the human and environmental resources used, where no type of exploitation exists and is not contemplated.

In addition to this care in the production phase, to which is also added respect for the environment and the desire to save on consumption, the precautions are reflected in the aesthetic and functional performance of the final product.

Piquadro bags and backpacks for men and women are sturdy, durable, beautiful to look at and to wear, with a minimal and refined look.

The new Piquadro arrivals include technical backpacks for leisure time, trekking, excursions in the countryside and in the mountains, but also unisex bags and purses for her and for him, distinguished by that typical class of deluxe Italian leather goods.

Accessories for traveling in safety and freedom, backpacks, suitcases and trolleys

After the past restrictions we have finally started traveling again!

Better to do it in complete safety, and with style, thanks to the suitcases and trolleys designed by the genius Piquadro for men and women.
Among the great cult you can find travel trolleys in cabin size with 4 wheels, available both in the soft leather version and in the rigid version with grooves, made with the best high-tech synthetic materials.

Silicones, resins, durable, robust and ecological plastics, only the best for Piquadro men's and women's travel trolleys.

Piquadro suitcases and travel accessories, including suitcases, wheeled trolleys and beauty cases, are perfect for any type of holiday, from safari in the middle of nature, adventurous and wild, to a weekend in a resort with a thousand all-inclusive comforts. .

Small leather goods and accessories

Do not forget the leather accessories dedicated to high tech, from the case for the smartphone and the iPhone, to the leather laptop holder in which to keep the office supplies and the most advanced electronic devices.

When to give Piquadro accessories for women and men, including satchels, purses and shoulder bags, women's bags and ultra-fine and elegant clutches?

The occasions are varied and multifaceted, because each Piquadro item, thanks to its clean, essential and refined design, proves to be the most versatile and effective gift idea.

On the occasion of a degree, giving a Piquadro suitcase or backpack means buying a valuable object that will accompany the student throughout his or her new career and career, in further future studies or in their own forensic activity, in the laboratory, in the office and so on. Street.

A keychain, a wallet, a Piquadro men's and women's document holder are useful, functional and classy gifts for an anniversary, a birthday, whenever you want to pay homage to a loved one.

Elegant, refined, with clean and essential lines: this is the Piquadro mood that combines functionality and beauty in a single design item, accessible to all and of quality.

In our online shop you can take a look at the wide selection of Piquadro leather items, for her and for him, an excellent choice to make a perfect gift!

The sober and refined color palette of Piquadro

To conclude, a special mention should be made of the chromatic choice of Piquadro accessories: the hues and colors are carefully chosen, specifically chosen to satisfy any dress code and style register.

Thus, we start with leather goods in the neutral colors of chocolate, brown and mustard, red and pomace, all shades linked to Mother Nature, and then finish in more sporty fluorescent shades.