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Trollbeads jewelry - tell your story with a bracelet

Original Trollbeads beads and bracelets

Trollbeads jewels are made with 18K gold, fine 925 silver, Murano glass, pearls and precious stones.
Trollbeads gold and silver undergo the processing of "lost wax", a technique dating back to about 3000 years ago; each glass bead, on the other hand, is made by hand, by melting a glass rod inside the open flame in this way, there will never, ever two copies that are completely identical; this is precisely what makes your jewel unique and inimitable.

Thun by Trollbeads News 2021/2022

Thun Trollbeads, new Beads made by Trollbeads in collaboration with Thun

Start Trollbeads , pre-made bracelets with unique meaning at really advantageous prices.

"Let your TROLLBEADS tell the most important and meaningful experiences of your life through 3 simple steps":

1. Choose a bracelet

2. Choose a Closure

3. Choose your Beads

... Because your story is a fairy tale to tell ...

Ciccimarra Jewelery Trollbeads Dealer - Official Trollbeads Italia dealer in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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Showing 1 - 24 of 690 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 690 items

Wear emotions thanks to the Trollbeads jewelry collection

There is nothing more magical than wearing the new Trollbeads collection . Necklaces, stops, earrings, charms, brooches, bracelets, Trollbeads rings for him and for her made of precious materials such as 18 karat gold , fine 925 silver , Murano glass , pearls and precious gems with unique colors that complete any style with elegance but also with a touch of personality.

The charm of the details with Trollbeads jewels

All handmade Trollbeads jewels are a symbol of class and charm. Precious accessories that blend with the character of those who have the pleasure of wearing them, guaranteeing maximum charm on every occasion, because the brand born in Denmark in 1976 has always been aimed at women and men with a strong temperament, with a good and kind soul who like to stand out wherever they are.

All shades of the rainbow enclosed in Trollbeads jewels

Studied in detail, each masterpiece by Trollbeads is a riot of beauty starting from the choice of colors with which each jewel is made: blue, purple, red, green, pink and light blue are just some of the nuances to choose for your ring , bracelet, stop, earring or necklace because everyone deserves to be enhanced with the liveliness of the shades they prefer and with which they feel most at ease.

The wonders of nature represented by Trollbeads jewels

Nothing is left to chance, not even the smallest detail, and every nuance, every shape and every processing is the result of many years of experience inspired by the wonder of nature with its creation: sea, starry sky, moon, ocean, leaves, animals in all their forms (butterflies, dolphins, elephants, starfish, cats, birds and much more) are the testimony that to enjoy life you must first of all appreciate the little things and stand out from others with your own uniqueness .

But the Trollbeads collection of wonders is this and much more, what amazes is not only the elegance of the precious materials chosen or the particular attention to colors, also the shapes with which every single jewel is produced surprises and makes every accessory something. unique, able to tell a particular moment of life lived with delicacy and sensitivity.

All the latest Trollbeads to buy

Among the news for this new season we find the extraordinary Garden of Wonders collection ,
thanks to which it is possible to admire the Feldspar Garnet, a mineral known to ward off negativity. The predominant colors of this collection refer to the shades of the earth and nature in general: a hymn to life and the power of eternity.

It is also impossible not to be carried away by the beauty of Trollbeads closures made from the processing of precious materials such as silver, which also in this case pay homage to the majesty and power of nature: butterflies, leaves and blossoming flowers are just some of the shapes that will accompany anyone. will want at any time of the day and will infuse positive energies. The blossoming flowers themselves are, for example, a clear reminder of the desire to be reborn and to enjoy the joys of life.

The collection is also enriched with the complete silver stop line named Butterfly Dance to enrich the Trollbeads bracelets with a touch of personality and contain thoughts and emotions in an original way: the stops were in fact created with the intention of personalizing every single bracelet. , allowing each woman to choose the jewel that best represents her in every single moment, with the certainty that it will remain forever.

To complete the work also the models of clasps and pendants for Trollbeads necklaces which take the name of the Butterfly Garden and which, in a single moment, make us understand the poetry behind every single form of these jewels, made with quality materials and resistant to time.

The most magical moments with the Trollbeads jewelry collection

It is always the right occasion to give the Trollbeads wonders to someone special, but what better time than when you have the desire to stop time and enjoy every moment of a fantastic day as it happens in fairy tales?
The happiest moments are just fleeting moments, yet all Trollbeads jewels have the power to stop time and immortalize what you don't want to let go as time goes by.

Whether it is the beginning of a new love, an anniversary, a birth, a birthday, a baptism or any day, there is nothing more beautiful than receiving or giving these precious treasures, each one full of meaning and unique value.

In front of a starry sky, a moonlight or sitting on an immense lawn, it is important to never forget to make the people you love happy by honoring them with Trollbeads jewels.

Trollbeads jewelry: where can you buy it?

Trollbeads jewels with the brand new Butterfly Dance collection, Butterfly Garden, Wonder Garden, Cat in love and much more, including accessories belonging to older collections, can be purchased at Ciccimarra Gioielli , official dealer of the brand in question.

- The shop located in Umberto I °, Cisternino (Brindisi) is Premium Plus qualified.
- The shop located in XX Settembre, Martina Franca TA is Premium Plus Lab .
- The shop in Via Feliciano Scatigna, 16, Locorotondo BA is Premium Plus .
- The shop in Via Dante Alighieri, 2, Cisternino BR Ciccimarra Thun & Piquadro is Thun By Trollbeads.

For those who love online shopping, you can buy Trollbeads wonders directly from the website safely and quickly with free shipping over orders of 100 €.