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Valentina Ferragni

Velentina Ferragni, Uali earrings and single earrings

Born from the desire to share a lifestyle, an aesthetic and an unmistakable passion, Valentina Ferragni jewels, entirely designed and produced in Italy, are made in both polished and gilded 925 silver with setting, enamelling and finishing processes rigorously carried out by hand.

Uali earrings have become a social phenomenon with the original V shape, a shape that has also been taken up in the new collections.

New Valentina Ferragni Jewelry Collection:

Necklaces and bracelets with the iconic V and new Uali single earring colors such as green, lilac and orange.

Ciccimarra Jewels Italian Official Dealer Valentina Ferragni in Puglia in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi

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Showing 1 - 24 of 48 items

Valentina Ferragni jewelry

Valentina Ferragni: the unmistakable style of her jewels

The year is 2019 when Valentina Ferragni approaches the world of jewelry for the first time and decides to create her own brand. Passion, fashion, colors, style: the Valentina Ferragni brand is all of this. A clear, decisive and easily recognizable profession and lifestyle. These are jewels that adapt perfectly to different age categories, personalities and occasions, which narrate the experience of their designer. Versatile and with a unique aesthetic, Valentina Ferragni's necklaces, bracelets, rings, Uali and earrings go very well with elegant, fashionable events but also with typically irreverent pop themes.

On the other hand, Valentina Ferragni is a young woman with clear ideas and her creations largely reflect her strength and decision. They are immediately recognizable by the design that recalls the "V", i.e. the initial of its name, registered trademark by Vieffe Srl
Designed, engineered and conceived within the Italian territory, Valentina Ferragni's jewels are totally unique and made in Italy . They are meant to be an ode to the excellent work of Italian artisans as well as the expert goldsmiths of the industry.

All the creations of this promising designer are made using 925 title silver or silver with plating made of twenty-four carat gold. As for the activities relating to the setting of small stones, enamelling (there are many colors from which it is possible to choose) and finishing, they are totally created by hand, which makes similar jewels absolutely peculiar of their kind.
After all, this is what gives a brand its value: the handmade creation. Each necklace, ring, the various Uali, earrings or bracelets, could in fact be equipped with a particularity (which must not be considered a defect), precisely due to the careful, and never the same, craftsmanship of the experts in the sector.

The Valentina Ferragni brand was launched with an earring that can be composed, to be worn individually or to be worn together with another one, for a particular style never seen before. The Uali is called the unmistakable earring of Valentina Ferragni (whose name derives from the nickname that Valentina's closest friends usually use with her), now available in many colors and types, depending on the look you want to show off: more glamorous or casual, with references to streetstyle . Valentina Ferragni's jewels adapt to any situation.

Valentina Ferragni earrings

As already anticipated, each jewel signed by Valentina Ferragni is handmade and is unique and particular in its kind. The designer's earrings stand out for their unmistakable style and for the presence of elements that recall the initial of the name Valentina.
Like any other accessory of the brand, there are different types of earrings: from the more classic and refined style, such as the IRIS earrings (pendants in 925 silver, plated in white gold and equipped with many small zircons set), to the more modern and transgressive one , typical of the pair of JOY BABY PINK & GREEN earrings (made in 925 silver, they are characterized by a platinum plating and have a beautiful green and pastel pink color. Also available in fluo lime, fluo pink, metallic blue, metallic, metallic pink and metallic gold).
For more audacious choices but still in the name of refinement, Valentina Ferragni offers the LILY single earring, an earcuff made entirely of 925 silver and three small gold-plated bands with a streak of white zircons. Perfect for showing off during an evening of fun or a special occasion.
And how not to be fascinated by the pair of gold-plated CARO pendants, romantic and versatile at the same time. 5 centimeters long, refined and extremely elegant, this type of earrings designed by Chiara Ferragni is perfect for a working day, a social event or for situations that require class and good taste.

Like Valentina Ferragni

Uali, a particular and unmistakable name, which totally recalls the Valentina Ferragni brand. To be worn individually or in pairs, the Uali represent the designer's brand and are very suitable to be shown off on any occasion. The shape vaguely recalls that of an inverted triangle or, better to say, of a V, initial of the name Valentina.
Of Uali it is possible to find at will, according to personal tastes and preferences, such as UALI METALLIC GREEN, made entirely of silver, without Nickel and equipped with platinum plating. It is characterized by a metallic green paint and is made up of delicious white zircons, elegant and refined at the same time.
The Uali differ in the plating (in yellow gold such as UALI FLUO PINK, with a beautiful fluorescent pink colour, or in platinum such as UASLI LIGHT BLUE could be), for the presence of white zircons and for the various shades.
With an irreverent, pop and trendy style, each of them has something unique, capable of making the most of every single outfit.

Valentina Ferragni rings

Valentina Ferragni's rings are immediately recognisable: made of 925 silver and yellow gold plated, they have a bold, bold line and are available in sizes 12, 15 and 18. They too recall the shape of the brand, such as the MIA LILAC, features two small Vs, one with a pretty lilac-colored enamel and the other studded with white cubic zirconia.
Even the rings designed by Valentina Ferragni, like the other jewels of her brand, are entirely made in Italy and do not contain nickel.
Perfect to be worn every day or during a more formal event. In this regard, the KAIA RING, made of a thin band of white zircons and a refined yellow gold plating, will give every look that timeless and refined touch of class that never goes out of style.

Valentina Ferragni bracelets

In terms of bracelets, those of Valentina Ferragni are able to satisfy both those who prefer rigid jewels and those who prefer soft bracelets, which fall harmoniously on the wrist. As for the former, the IVY GOLD and IVY SILVER bracelets are unique, elegant and extremely refined pieces. Both equipped with white cubic zirconia, have a diameter of 6.5 cm, are made of metal and are nickel free. They differ in the different platings: IVY GOLD is gold plated and IVY SILVER has a platinum plating instead. Perfect to be worn individually, as the only jewel on the wrist, they will enhance even the most elegant and trendy outfit.
Turning now to the soft bracelets, the one signed GIGI, 19 centimeters long and adjustable according to needs, is made up of a gold-plated closure and many small harmonious Vs, some of them studded with white zircons (or not, it depends on the choice).
The alternative is offered by the more sporty ALEX GOLD or ALEX SILVER bracelets, 20 centimeters long and made up of various silver, platinum-plated or yellow gold-plated links. Suitable for more casual looks and to be worn every day, as trendy jewellery.

Valentina Ferragni necklaces

The necklaces of the Valentina Ferragni line match her bracelets. The ROSIE SILVER and ROSIE GOLD necklaces (with a diameter of 13 centimeters), for example, are perfect to be shown off with the IVY SILVER and IVY GOLD bracelets, for an elegant yet trendy jewelery palette.
The NINA GOLD and NINA SILVER necklaces (44 cm long, adjustable) are also combined with the ALEX GOLD and ALEX SILVER bracelets, as they are made up of silver links and a single V. These necklaces can be worn for an outing with friends, an evening at the disco or for the most diverse occasions. In fact, these are very versatile jewels, exactly like the CLOE choker, 42 centimeters long and adjustable according to your preferences. Made in 925 silver, it features a yellow gold plating and many small Vs, studded or not with white zircons.